consumers as men and women

consumers as men and women BY kcg2013 Women shop much different from men. Women like to take their time, buy a variety of things, and shop a lot.

Men on the other hand like to get what they need, get out of the store, and they do not shop often. When women go shopping, they do not Just go for what they need. Women shop for their wants a lot. For example, if a women goes into the store Just for a pair of pants that they need, an hour later they will come out with shoes, pants, and shirts.

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Us women walk around stores slowly and look at everything hanging up and on the shelves.The amount of time men and women spend shopping is drastically ifferent. When it comes to shopping, men are more goal-oriented and are usually on a mission. They know what they need to get and have it all planned from before. Therefore, at the store all they have to do is buy it and leave.

On the other hand, women are likely to stroll around the mall, try out few things, and look around new brands and more. When women go clothing shopping it takes them awhile. Women do not Just go to any store either.A lot of women have to wear name brand clothes such as American Eagle, Victoria Secret Pink, and Abercrombie and Fitch. Women like to impress the public with our outfits. Not only do women take a long time to shop we also buy everything at the stores. Women buy every color of the same shirt, Jeans, and sweaters. Men on the other hand are not as particular.

Most men do not care what their outfit looks like. Half the time men do not even match. Although most men do not care there are some men who do. Women like their shoes as well.Women like to have a variety of shoes so they can match their outfits. They are also, normally name brand. Women of course like Uggs, Sperry’s, and of course Nike sneakers.

Men though, already have their mind set that their going in the store, uying sneakers and getting out. A lot of times men do not even look at the price. They will Just pick the sneakers up and buy them. Name brand clothes and shoes are not the only things women need. Women need make-up and hair supplies as well. Women are picky even with what kind of make-up and hair supplies they use.For example, I have to use Loreal massacre and Pantene hair products.

Men obviously do not care what’s so ever what they use. As long as they have shampoo, body wash and deodorant they are okay. If the man is married they do not even have to go buy this stuff. Their wives purchase the products for them. Now if the man is single, then yes they have to go to Walmart or somewhere and buy the products. Men have hobbies Just like women. Women’s hobbies contain of shopping of course or Just decorating the house.Women have to go buy the decorations such as lamps, rugs, or Just simple picture frames.

Women like to do that because they get to go toa store and shop. Men have different hobbies. Some men enjoy hunting, fishing, working on cars, or landscaping at their house. All of these hobbies consist of men having to shop.

For example, if men need hunting supplies they go to Cabelas and buy tree stands, camouflage, or guns. If they have a hobby and they need to get supplies, then they will not mind going to the store.There are a lot more differences shop for bargains where as men do not. Women like to go shopping frequently where men like to go shopping every month or two. A lot of men get irritated when they know they have to go out and buy something at a store. They don’t mind going to an Advanced Auto Parts, but they do not want to go with their wives or girlfriends to go out and go clothes shopping. A lot of times men will Just let their wives buy them their clothes.

They do not care what they put on. As long as it covers them up they will put them on.Women and men as consumers have a lot of differences. They have more differences than similarities. There is one similar thing between women and men as consumers though. If either gender has a hobby, it will make it a lot easier to go shopping.

Women will always be better at shopping. Women will always shop much different than men. Women shop much more and much longer.

Men shop much less and much quicker. Most women and men are much different types of consumers. Women shop and men buy. While walking around a store you will see more women than men.

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