Contemporary Literature

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Last updated: April 29, 2019
a similarity between characteristics of two things

a memorable saying to state a general truth

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Black Humor
the juxtaposition of morbid and farcical elements to give a disturbing effect

a release of emotional tension, as after an overwhelming experience, that restores or refreshes the spirit

a struggle between opposing forces

The process in which general knowledge and circumstantial evidence are used to come up with a logical solution

the words spoken by characters in a conversation.

The choice and use of words or phrases in speech or writing.

Double Entendre
An ambiguity with an one interpretation that is indelicate

Figurative Language
…, A form of language use in which writers and speakers convey something other than the literal meaning of their words.

When a writer provides hints about what will happen later in a story.

A genre of literature that combines elements of both romance and horror.

words or phrases that appeal to the senses

an assumption or conclusion based on the given information.

humor based on words that suggest the opposite of their literal meaning

words or ideas placed side by side, especially for comparing and contrasting

A metaphor is a figure of speech in which two unlike things are being compared without using like, than, resembles, or as.

The atmosphere or feeling conveyed in a piece of literature

A recurring subject or idea

A statement that contradicts itself but represent a truth

…, arrangement of scenery and properties to represent the place where a play or movie is enacted

literary device that compares two unlike objects using the word “like” or “as”

A person, place, object, or action that stands for something beyond itself.

…, Central idea of a work of literature

the writer’s attitude imbedded within the text

A literary genre that addresses a combination of small social movements like woman’s suffrage, child labor, education, alcohol, or the power of large corporations. McKinley, Taft, Roosevelt, and Wilson were thought to be leaders in this kind of federal legislation

A literary movement in the early 20th century which prided itself on its novelty in breaking away from established rules and traditions.

Examples include the Great Gatsby.

An element in literature that conveys a realistic portrayal of a specific geographical locale, using the locale and its influences as a major part of the plot

Magical Realism
A genre of fiction in which elements of fantasy, myth, or the supernatural are included in a narrative that is otherwise objective and realistic.

Postmodern literature is literature characterized by heavy reliance on techniques like fragmentation, paradox, and questionable narrators, and is often defined as a style or trend which emerged in the post-World War II era.

Contemporary Literature
Contemporary literature is literature with its setting generally after World War II. Subgenres of contemporary literature include contemporary romance.

Ability to divide information into its most basic components

Combining parts into a whole

parallel construction
successive sentences or phrases follow the same pattern of wording in order to emphasize and idea

A word or phrase that links one idea to the next

transitional phrase
Helps the reader follow the argument by connecting sentences, paragraphs, or entire sections of a work.

How should concrete evidence and analysis be intertwined?
They should flow within general body paragraphs.

The quotes/concrete evidence should be followed by a citation and analysis. Concrete evidence should not be randomly placed in a sentence, but should connect with the topic or be connected to the topic.

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