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Last updated: October 8, 2019

The “Breaking News” Cast Channel of CP24 This news broadcast and the stories reported are broadcasted by CP24. CP24 is a cable television news channel that centres broadcasts in the GTA (greater Toronto area) and reports national news. .

Many creative techniques are used to capture the attention of viewers, this includes the several variation in camera shots, ranging from a close up shot to an eye- level shot.The show opens with an anchor introducing the topic and then it cuts to a reporter expanding then back to the anchor for a summarization and then to the reporter for feedback this allows the audience’s eye to wander, capturing their attention, but not show much that it becomes overwhelming. When a viewer watches the show they start off by reporting the breaking news, which catches people attention and keeps them focus, therefore if an audience is at a moment of focus, the broadcast channel is able to also insert other news while obtaining their interest.Also the stories that are reported go in depth, this attracts the attention of viewers interested in the topic or who are less aware in the topic being discussed they can get an affirmation. At the bottom of the screen, the news channel states breaking news or more convenient news cast in one to two sentences, this gives a short and appealing impression on viewers, these messages are repeated every two to three minutes, allowing to audience to be reminded of the stories. When viewers watch news broadcast, every person views what is being reported differently, this can cause viewers to think that in some cases there is a bias opinion.

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However, when watching CP24 journalists after reporting a story and the facts gets the opinions of different people, or fellow journalists, this allows viewers to get a different view or understanding of the stories being presented to create and more broad understanding of the messages. This technique acknowledges that there is no bias in this specific news broadcasts. The lifestyles of viewers watching the news can be very busy and the news can be a distraction so when CP24 views at a later time, viewers have time to relax and focus their attention at what being presented.The point of view of the broadcasts depends on the story being presented. If the journalists is talking about the upcoming elections in Canada then the message in directed towards those interested in politics, as to a story that talks about this year’s Toronto International Film Festivals, which is a cultural topic. The various messages being sent in the stories on CP24 are sent to not only make people aware of the world around them but to give insight and interest breaking news stories.

CP24 should not be followed regularly because they sometimes have tendency to prolong their reports which if the viewer is not interested they lose interest.

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