Special Educ Legislation

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Last updated: April 26, 2019
Assistive Technology Device and Service
Design and training for use of equipment and devices to help a child overcome or adapt to special needs i.e. walkers, special spoons/bowls
At Risk Children
A currently healthy child who is at risk for learning, emotional, behavioral, or physical disabilities due to exposure to drugs, neglect, abuse, premature, or with genetic predispositions to mental illness and physical disabilities.


Free Appropriate Public Education. From PL 94-142 education for all handicapped children act. Breakthough legislation. Children don’t have to go to an institutionm but can recieve sevices to help them in a general school environment.
Local education adminstration (agency)The local school district.

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Determines how their school should be ran and who is developmental delayed.

Changes in the way a child learns or is tested on the materal. Involves techniques and support services. Make sure that children with a disability can participate as much as possible in general curriculum. Time demands, learning environment, scheduling, special communication systems.
Changes in the information that the child must learn. May include alternative assessments, expectations below grade level, completion of part of the course.

Due Process
Legal proceedings conducted to handle disagreements about the assessment, identification, and placement of students with disabilities.
Least restrictive environment. The child is in a regular education classroom and if not there has to be a reason why. Provide children with aids and services to help them remain in a regular classroom with children who do not have disabilities.
Learning independence through computers
Special Education
Support services to help a child with disabilities progress in the regular education classroom.

To make functional progress. SE is a service, not a place.

Natural Environment
Part C of IDEA states that children who have a IFSP should have services conducted in the natural environment which may be the home or childcare.
Related Service
Developmental, corrective and other supportive services required to assist a child with a disability to benefit from special education such as SLP, OT, PT, transportation,
It involves bringing the support services to the child in a regular classroom. The child may need to leave room for services and return. Push in/pull out services
Developmentally Delayed.

LEA looks at physical, cognitive, emotional, and adaptive areas to see if a child is DD

MD Technological assisstance Program
State Technological Centers
Law funds in each state.Carry out 1.public awarness, dissemination, and technology assisstance trainign and equipment.
Assisstive technology services
Local Control Focus
On reading, assessment, effective educational practices
Functional Behavioral Anaysis. IDEA ’07. If child is having a behavior problem, the assessment will identify what behaviors are occuring and develop a proactive plan to ensure the students sucess. IEP team, pychologist, student assistance team come up with a plan. Antecedent, Behavior, Consequence
old IEP stays in effect until the new IEP is signed.

How does the IEP differ from the IFSP
Revolves around the family, has a service corrdinator, is conducted in the natural environment, outcomes are targeted around the family, includes mutiple agencies activities which includes all services into one plan, has a review every 6 months, works on the development of a child.
What must be included in an IEP?
present levels of performance, measureable objectives and goals, how progress will be measured, statement of special education services and modification/accomedations, transition plan
Debate-Inclusion vs. life stills
Can decide for academic track or the lifeskills track. Special education is not lifeskills but lifeskills is special education. Lifeskills track my have low expectations.
What must be included in the IFSP?
present level of development, observation and formal assessment measures, family resources, priorities and concerns relating to enhancing the child, provided early intervention service, when/when/how long services will be conducted, name of service provider and steps to support childs transition to preschool or other services.
Who serves on the IFSP team?
Special educator, regualr educator, parents, representative of the school district, person involved in conducting the evaluation, person involved in providing services
What is a child with a disability?
Section 602 defines a label.

13 conditions, mental retardation, autism, tramatic brain injury, other health impairment, speech/language impairment, vision, hearing impairments, specific learning disabilites, special emotional disturbences, othopedic impairments.

What does local control mean?
Flexibility of the LEA. Focus on reading, assessment, and effective education practices, underfunded, increases accountability without time and support, wide dissemination of results, school districts targeted as needing improvement.
No child left behind accountability
Require states to develop and use annual assessments for reading and math grades 3-8.

results reported to federal government by school

No child left behind
2002. PL 107-110. Goals to improve academic achivement of the disadvantaged, adress language instruction for LEP students, assess progress regularly, hold professionals accountable for student progress.

Adequent yearly progress.

PL 99-467
1986 Education of Handicapped act. early intervention legislation from birth to 5 years who need special education
PL 94-142
1973. Education for all handicapped children act.

FAPE. breakthough legislation. gave right/funding

PL 101-476
1990. Individual with Disability Education Act IDEA
PL 108-446

Federal law that mandates early intervention and special education and related services for children birth through 21 IDEA Part B (IEP), C (IFSP) Transitional Program, Due Process, Highly qualified teachers, RTI

504 Plan
Rehabilitation Act 1973. Requires accomidations for children without IEP. Prohibits discrimination based on disability. Any illness or disorder that reduces a students ability to access learning in the education setting because of learning, behavior or health related condition. after 21 can have a 504 plan
101-336 Americans with Disability Act. Changes language, child with disability. Person before problem label.
101-336 Americans with Disability Act.

Changes language, child with disability. Person before problem label.

Response to Intervention. 2 goals, prevent, identify, intervention. Finds those that are having difficulty in the classroom based on not getting the information instead of mislabeled with a disability.

To help struggling learners. work with class or individual

Adequat yearly progress. From PL 107-110 Part of No child left behind. professional resposible for come. need to create annueal goals for student progress and report to the federal government.

Individual family service plan. Process and documentation to assist families to meet developmental needs of a child (birth-3) with special needs. Part C of IDEA. Reviewed every 6 months.
Individual Education Plan. (3-21). A written document ordered by federal law that defines a child’s disability, status, current level of performance, describes educational needs and specific annual goals and objectives.

The unique needs of the child determines the support and services required.

What is a school-home communication plan?
A tool for helping parents plan and structure meeting in order to collaborate with teachers to support child’s sucess.
What is a transition plan? What must be included the transition plan?
A transition plan is the section of the IEP that outline goals and services for the student. Its based on a high school individuals needs, strengths, skills and interest. Effective when student turns 16 created at 14. Plan for independent living and employment.

What are supplementary aids and services?
Services that enable children to be educated with nondisabiled student to the maximum extent appropiate. Includes prefered seating, one on one assistance, specialized equipment, breaks, more time, taped lectures, sign languge, teach social skills.
Whos eligible for assisstive technology? Who determines who gets it? What need to be written into IEP related to assestive technology?
Every student with an IEP can have assisstive technology consideration. Evaluation should contain recommendations based on what students needs to accomplish task. Audiology, ot, pt, slp, vision specialist, physician, social worker, transition specialist rehabitation counselor.

How are early intervention services defined?
Family education and counseling, home visits, parent support, special instruction, OT, PT, SLP, Aud., service coordinator, nursing, nutrition, assistive technology devices and services.
Describe the mediation process under IDEA 97
Mediation is voluntary on the part of both parties.

A party can include the parents or representative of the LEA that have responsibility for the FAPE. Opportunity for parties to resolve disputes or complaints about any matter involved in proposals or refusals to initiate or change identification, evaluation, or educational placement of the child or the provisions of FAPE to the child.

Possitive Behavioral Intervention Plan. Takes observations form FBA and turns them into a concrete plan of action for mangaging a students behanvior. It may include ways to change the enviornment to keep behavior from starting , providing positive reinforcement to promote good behavior, employ planned ignoring to avoid reinforcing bad behavior and provide supports needed so that the student will not be driven to act out due to frustration or fitigue.
Policies relating to behavior and disciplinary action
IDEA requires teachers to work closely student IEP team to determine the best possible disciplinary and teaching techniques top help the child reach his full potiential. When disciplinary problems occur, the child may be removed from the classroom or school for up to 10 days.

During that time the school personnel must determine whether the child’s disabilities was cause for the behavior issue and whether a change in placement would help control problem. Protects against discrimination to the child and teachers fear of bing discrimintory against the student.

Extended School Year will be determined by the IEP Team as necessary to provide a free and appropriate public education. During the summer
When does the child’s services change from the IFSp to IEP
3 or 5 depending on what the parent wants.
When does the child’s services change from the IFSp to IEP
3 or 5 depending on what the parent wants.
PL 101-364
Assistive technology Reauthorization Act. To amend the Assistive Technology Act of 1998 to support programs of grantsto States to address the assistive technology needs of individuals with disabilities,and for other purposes.

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