Creative writing semester 1 final

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Last updated: December 1, 2019
Generative writing
Free-Writing, listing, brainstorming

Generative writing describes:
Types of writing done to generate and explore ideas

Techniques for showing
Dialogue, sensory details, action

Generative writing differs from drafting
Generative writing is generating ideas.

Drafting is putting down the first version of the story.

Nonfiction based on personal experience or memory

Difference between memoir and autobiography
Autobiography details a long span of time; memoir focus on a theme

Difference between memoir and create nonfiction
Nonfiction is writing based on fact; memoir is nonfiction that expresses memories

Difference between fiction and creative nonfiction
Fiction is made up; creative nonfiction is based on fact.

In a memoir, the narrator is the person telling the story.

Fixes content/adds new paragraphs or sentences.

Changes mechanics and grammer/spelling

Effective dialogue should:
Show by letting readers hear what is being said

Why use dialogue in a short story?
Help move the story forward

Word choice

The emotional meaning a reader brings to a poem

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