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Critical Thinking case studies Criticalthinking case study is use of reflective, conscious and reasonable thinkingduring research on a situation, person or even group of people. Application ofthese skills leads to a standard thinking, when applied to case studies itresults to a full detailed research which is based on the truth. Researchersusing critical thinking case studies will always have excellent outcomesbecause of the firm factors used for decision making during their findings.In order to getperfect results from application of this method the researcher must understandhow to use both critical thinkingand case study techniques.

                       Critical thinkingCriticalthinking involves use of different thinking techniques that are explainedbelow:? Motive when performing case studies onegives reasons as to why the conclusion made is the best compared to otheravailable choices.? Estimate a critical thinker will begive a guess on the expected results of the study, this will make sure that theresearch is based on the right quantity and quality sources.? Analyze here, one should be able toexamine every available choice and make the best suitable conclusion.? Classify this involves making adecision based on the category of a particular field of study.? Justify every point concluded o bethe truth in the case study should be accompanied by logical explanation.

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? Hypothesis it involves use ofassumptions on various possibilities and the expected effect on each case, aconclusion is then made based on the best outcome.                 Case study Theresearcher now has to understand the major techniques used in case studymethod, the following are the most important styles to use.? Formulate a question in case study thereare usually two questions that is how or why. The study for example on anorganization performance should explain how to improve its current level or whyit is at its current ranking.? Method the researcher here willdecide where to collect data, which source to use according to the type ofstudy (for example website, print media or field research)  and the method to use on data collection andanalyzing of the data according to the; requirements, quantity of data, qualityand resources available.

? Prepare for data collection afterdeciding on the method of data collection now the researcher should put all therequired materials for research together for example writing materials .Other resourcesneeded for the study should also be kept ready.? Collect data the method selected is applied,for example site guided interviews are the best for qualitative research.

Themethod used depends on the kid of task and also on the quality needed and timeavailable.? Analyze the method used to gatherdata will contribute to the type of information analyzing, in the example abovesite focus groups and guided interviews are best. Critical examining is neededto make sure that the final results are based on facts and reality.? Write a report after complete data iscollected and analyzed from the sources a clear report is written based on therequirements of the case study.Application of critical thinking during case study leads to an elaborate report that is based onthe truth about the particular subject of study. The report is also of scholarly standard since it is based onintensive thinking based on facts and possible outcome.

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