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CSS is short for Cascading style sheet. CSS is used to control layout and format for most websites, it’s a type of web language that you can call a style sheet, as its used to style and develop webpages. CSS is used as a webpage customizer. This can be described as changing the look of the page e.g. the colour, the font, the layout and it’s written in HTML/XHTML.

 CSS is very good for webpage developers. It allows them to separate between appearance and the HTML content.  CSS gives you more control of your appearance and allows you to do specific things. It also allows multiple pages to be controlled and changed from one place. It prevents repetition of code. Using CSS also improves the speed at which your website loads, if you didn’t use CSS there would be tables inside of tables and even more tables due to there being so many different things to customise.

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CSS makes things simpler to read and understand as it organises everything. And overall it’s a great way of looking after and maintaining your webpage. Selectors in HTML. Selectors in HTML let you select certain things to do something special. An example is h1, this is used to make text look like a header on a webpage. What follows is a set of rules for the selector which you would add to the style sheet.  So to make sure h1 knows they’re rules we use an open bracket, followed by the rules. This is done so that with every h1(header) they’re all the same.

    There are also attribute selectors, these can be a “#” or “.” To use these you have to do the following.      And they are good as it allows you to have content a certain way. The “.

” Is a class selector, this means it appears more than once. And the “#” means ID selector which makes it a one off. So when making your CSS page, you can make certain bits of the HTML page look different with one of the two attribute selectors. To finish this off this is what you must do to make sure your HTML page follows the CSS.    How CSS is implemented into HTML.

 With external style sheet is when you have a separate CSS file. This means you can save this .CSS file anywhere and link it within your HTML file.

So when you’re writing your HTML code, you want to be able to add your CSS file within every HTML file. To do this you have to type . This links your HTML and CSS file. However, if you put your CSS file in a specific folder you must type href=”foldername/mystyles.

css”. I would use External style sheets if I were creating a well-designed web page, or something very important. Internal style sheets are inside the head tag. This means its inside the HTML file. It’s in with the code.

This makes it slower for people to join a webpage, as they are downloading both the HTML and CSS. Its good however as it means everything’s together and you don’t have to worry about where it is. I would put CSS into head tags if I were testing to see what certain style rules looked like. I wouldn’t use this in my actual webpage.

   You can do in-line style, which means you put your CSS code straight into HTML elements. The only problem is if you do this you have to do it for everything, and it gets in the way and becomes annoying when doing maintenance. You’d type it like this: 

This is a red heading with a black background

 This way of implementation I would also only use to test out different styles. Or if I was making a test webpage. Or if I’m in a rush. The Box Model is there for HTML.

 It’s for use on designing web pages. Here is how a Box model is set: This is the way CSS structures its box model for web pages. The content is where text or images are. Padding is there to stop the content being put right next to the border edge. It’s like a blank space. The border is the design that is put around the padding and content to keep it together.

 And the margin is another blank space that stops the border reaching the edge of the webpage or any other element. The Box model is a great way to keep the webpage together looking neat. Here is an example of what a box model looks like when used on webpages.

All the red squares and rectangles indicate where the box model is. It doesn’t show which is border, padding or margin. But it gives you an idea. https://css-tricks.

com/wp-content/csstricks-uploads/  Internal stylesheet holds the CSS code for the webpage in the head section of the particular file. This makes it easy to apply styles like classes or id’s in order to reuse the code. The downside of using an internal stylesheet is that changes to the internal stylesheet only effect the page the code is inserted into. The External Stylesheet is a .

css file that you link your website to. This makes it so that what ever you change in the .css sheet, will effect every page in your website.

This prevents you from having to make many code changes in each page. This is for “global” site changes. The Inline style is specific to the tag itself. The inline style uses the HTML “style” attribute to style a specific tag.

This is not recommended, as every CSS change has to be made in every tag that has the inline style applied to it. The Inline style is good for one an individual CSS change that you do not use repeatedly through the site. 

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