Cultural Diversity Quiz #1

Topic: CultureStudy of Cultural Differences
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Last updated: April 27, 2019
The relationships and interactions of various cultural groups and how cultural backgrounds of students affect the behavior of each.

Multicultural education
Acquiring the characteristics of a culture and becoming competent in its language and ways of behaving and knowing
Blueprint that determines how we think, feel, and behave in society.- Accepted and patterned ways of ______ needed for people to live together.
Culture- behavior
Inability and stubbornness in viewing other cultures as a contributing part of reality – seeing one’s own cultural traits as natural, correct, and superior to others.
Attempt to understand other cultural systems in their own terms and in the context of their own cultural belies (opposite of ethnocentrism)
Cultural relativism
The distinctive group identity that allows a group to have cultural patterns related to their group members, while sharing some patterns with members of the dominant group.
Cultural identity
The cultural group that makes up the majority of the population in a certain geographic area.

Dominant culture
Occurs when groups refuse to or are not permitted to assimilate into the dominant American culture (like Korea Town in Los Angeles)
Cultural pluralism
By 2050, 50% of the U.S. population will be minority groups.Describes the ethnic, racial, socioeconomic, political, and social paradigms that exist in the world, and the universal acceptance of those ideals.
A group’s particular cultural patterns become a part of the dominant culture, or can disappear as the group adopts the dominant culture.
Proposes that newly arrived immigrants can become a part of American culture without losing their unique aspects (such as language, foods, religion, and holidays)
Salad Bowl Theory
Immigrants contribute parts of their culture and create a new, and unique American culture – they should blend in and try to learn English, etc.
Melting Pot Theory
Teaching practices that integrate critical pedagogy, antiracist education, and critical race theory, promoting critical thinking about this issue.
Multicultural education

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