Culture and diversity

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Last updated: March 26, 2019

We now live in a magnificent multicultural society. Multicultural means different cultures in one area. This could mean we could come from different orgins , cultures and religions.

Everyone in this society is now individual because of thisFamilyFamily is a group of people who are drawn together by relation, marriage, birth or adoption. Families have different cultures and because of that they have different social rules which can cause positives or negatives. There are 4 types of family : nuclear which is two parents who are together in their first marriage and do have any family except their own children in the house .extended family is the same as nuclear but with an aunt, uncle ,grandparent etc. reconstructed family is where one or both parents has remarried and may have children in a past marriage which results in step brothers or step sisters. A Lone parent family is where one parent is independent and has children with one parentSocial classSocial class is determined by the status of a person within society, this could be based on wealth and/or occupation .the social class can be inherited or earned not by money but by status. There are three social classes : upper class is manly inherited status.

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Middle class are usually profeesionals and working class are people who are unskilled or do manual labourSexualitySexuality is based on a person’s sexual behaviour. and can range from homosexuality (attracted to the same sex) to asexual (attracted to no one).sexuality can determine many things some sexuality’s are and often ridiculed which the individual may find difficult to live with or talk about. There are five main sexuality groups: homosexual (attraction to the same sex), bi-sexual (attraction to both sexes) , heterosexual (attraction to opposite sex) ,transsexual ( someone who wishes to change sex) and asexual (someone who is attracted to no one)DisabilitiesDisabilities can make things difficult for day to day life they’re three main types of disabilities: physical disabilities – this stops people from doing things that are physical e.g. walking this is because a part of there body is not functioning properly. Mental disabilities – this is a disorder of the brain that effects thinking , feeling and emotion. It can range from dementia to a simple phobia.

Sensory disabilities – humans have 5 senses sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell ,a sensory disability effects one of the senses e.g. deaf or blindGenderThis is based on whether your male or female and determine a lot. In this time most men and women are trying to treat each other equally. But in the past women where supposed to be at home and where not allowed to vote till 1928. But today women MUST! Be treated equally. The term for not treating gender equally is called sexismAgeAge can determine how people act and speak around you.

A young child is often spoken down too and parents often act differently to their children rather than to other adults. A middle aged man is often spoken to in a respectable manor. Also it can effect the way you feel . aman who is very old who hasn’t done much with his life may want to do something called a “bucket list” this means he wants to do all the things he hasn’t done with his life before “kicking the bucket” (death)

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