School the strength of this requirement. For example,

School adjustments in South Asia are profoundly impacted by the teacher-student relationship. Students’ relationship with teachers, behavioral and academic functioning, as well as the social and academic self-view help with the formation of dynamic systems that affects its long-term school adjustments. Generally, the more connected the student feels, the more likely that they are willing to try tasks and seek assistance where need arises. A student that develops the sense

Aseptic opened and closed quickly and not touch

Aseptic technique is analyzed by moist heat, filtration, and ultraviolet experiments. To ensure aseptic technique was present, measures were taken to obtain pure cultures. It was necessary to decontaminate tools and areas of work to prevent contamination of the specimens, minimize exposure by working quickly, and using sterile equipment during the experiments. While pipetting Tryptic Soy broth for the heating treatments, pipets must be opened and closed quickly and not


Festivals of Like a Sweet Every nation has a wide variety of festivals. The features of festivals reflect the culture of a nation. The festivals include not only cultural effect, but also a religious content. Eid Ramadan, which is a religious Bairam for the Muslims, and Halloween, which is quite popular among the Christians, are good examples for this kind of festival. Just like Eid Ramadan, Halloween unite people with

Recidivism: subculture form other prisoners, therefore the longer

Recidivism: The Effect of Incarceration and Length of Time Served by Lin Song and Roxanne Lieb summarizes the research on both sides of the debate. They provide view points for both those advocating longer sentences saying it reduces crime for three reasons. “The offender cannot reoffend against the public while incarcerated, long periods of incarceration discourage released offenders from committing additional crime and the awareness of penalties discourage potential offenders

III. aeruginosa. Equipment Following Equipment and apparatus was

III. RESEARCH METHODOLOGYThe recent research work was carried out in MicrobiologyResearch Laboratory (MRL), in the Department of Microbiology and Biotechnology,Abasyn University Peshawar and in Microbiology and MicrobiologyLaboratory of Combined Military Hospital (CMH) Peshawarfrom june 2016 to november 2017. In this study we were focused on the Multidrug resistant genes of pseudomonas aeruginosa.EquipmentFollowing Equipment and apparatus was used in this researchAutoclave, Centrifuge, Deep-freezer, Digital camera, Electricalbalance, Hot plate with magnetic stirrer,

Reading and Writing about Literature: Chapter 9

Formalism and New Criticism focus on structure, tone, characters, setting, symbols and linguistic features through explication and close-readingfocus solely on text and not on extratextual factors Feminist and Gender Criticism Feminist: focus on roles of women in literature or cultureGender: focus on gender roles or relationships between sexes Queer Theory sexuality is culturally constructed rather than determined by physical characteristics present at birthfocus varies from studying texts from LGBTQ community,

AP English Lit Critical Perspectives

Formalist The standard way of analyzing things. Emphasis on the form of a literary work to determine its meaning, focusing on literary elements (plot, character, setting, diction, imagery, structure, pov). Sociological Analyzing from a view of society at the time, focusing on the the values of a society and how those values are reflected, particularly analyzing the power relations and issues discussed in the work and their relation to the

Art History, Ch 4 – The Prehistoric Aegan

Minoan In the Late Cycladic period Thera was artistically within the ________ orbit. potters’ dye Cretian potters introduced the ________. Heinrich Schliemann The cities of Troy, Mycenae and Tiryns were uncovered by ________. literature Schliemann based his archaeological excavations on a careful reading of ancient ________. thirteenth century BC Scholars believe the city of Troy had been destroyed by fire in ________. “Iliad” What is considered the first great work

The process of addiction, as well as the reasons why certain individuals, unlike others, finish up victims of a severe drug dependency

Peele, Brodsky, and Arnold (1991:133) cited in Dowieko (1993:11) maintain that ‘[addiction] is not an all-or-nothing thing, but a continuum from moderate excess to severe compulsion’. With this citation in mind, I will attempt to discuss both the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of addiction, focusing on the main models that sought to explain the process of addiction, as well as the reasons why certain individuals, unlike others, finish up victims of

Genetic and environmental influence in human development

Meyers adopted the analogy of a tree in an attempt to explain human differences. According to him the trunk signifies the species, which then divides into branches. The branches represent our shared characteristics and beliefs. At the end of the branches are leaves, which Meyers claimed stood for the individual person, genetically and environmentally like no other.Every human being is differentially sound. We all have our own genetic makeup with

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