Study of Cultural Differences

The Lost Boy

The lost boy , written by the author Dave Peeler is the novel I have been reading over my summer holidays. The novel is linked with both A child called It and A man called Dave. This book deals with the themes of love and heart break. This theme Is clearly conveyed through peelers use of setting, characterization and key Incidents which I will be pointing out through the length

The life of a Canadian family in Canada

In Canada, people have more holidays and salary. That enables them to have more time and money to spend on things they like. Canadian family life is more blissful than the family life In other countries, but they do not value what they own. I should tell Canadians how Is the family life In Hong Kong. In Guan Chou, people do not earn as much salary as In Canada, so

Surfing – An Adrenaline Filled Extreme Sport

California are a great way for kids to spend their summer holidays. They get to spend time with their existing friends while at the same time making new friends. One of the best things about these camps Is that the kids get to experience an adrenalin filled extreme sport like surfing. Surfing Is a great way of testing one’s swimming skills because at times one Is needed to swim far

A domestic tourist

A domestic tourist is someone who is a resident in the UK and is visiting another part of the UK for  tourists purposes. The types of trips they are likely to take are day  trips, weekend trips or longer stay holidays (staycation).A retired couple from the UK who want a weekend in a cultural cityAccess to informationBefore the retired couple can take their break in a cultural city they need

Letter from Japan

Hey, it’s Mary. How have you been? I haven’t seen you in ages! It’s been too long, pal. I’m missing you like mad! I have to say though, Japan is amazing! Everything is so different here, but I love it. My house is massive! Bigger than all the houses in Dullatur, haha! It has six bedrooms, five bathrooms, three living rooms, two kitchens, a games room and an office. The


In class we have been researching tourism and national parks. We have studied how tourism, due to national parks, has affected small market towns. Ashbourne, a small market town in the Peak District, is an example of this.As the Peak District is the most popular national park in the country we decided to visit Ashbourne, to see how tourism has affected the town.The aim of our visit to Ashbourne was

What factors influence people who shop at Edgware the broad walk and Burnt Oak shopping areas

Settlements and shopping centers can be placed in order of importance in a highway.The most important will be placed at the top of the hierarchy the least important at the bottom.My Aims are:1. To find out which shopping center has the greatest variety and number of shops and services.2. To determine the quality of the shopping centers3. To discover how large the catchments areas are of both shopping centers4. To

Postive Factors

The positive factors, of income in Hillary’s health and well-being: Hillary has good income. This is good socially as she can go out with her friends without worrying about money. She can go on holidays and relax with her friends. Good income also means that she would have no emotional worry or stress due to this. Hillary always has enough money for everything she wants and needs; this is a confidence

Breakfast of porridge

I work four mornings a week at the pre-school, Friday is my day off, I need it to retain my sanity. Most mornings I get up at 7. 00am, take a quick shower and head downstairs for my usual breakfast of porridge and a cup of tea. The cat gets fed and an early morning tickle before she departs the house followed shortly by my two teenage children and myself.

Gender differences

Asian parents work to have extremely strong and close family bonds especially with parent children relationships but they have kept a strong level of discipline especially for girls for their children along with high expectations. Gender differences also emerge by the way children have been socialised. While girls are encouraged to help their mother with housework but only a small proportion of boys are expected to do the same. They

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