Old Testament Survey Quiz: Poetic Books

Importance of Old Testament • 1/3 is in poetic form• It can be found in all but 5 books Purpose of Poetry 1. Facilitate retention 2. Express beauty, emotion, and worship Wisdom Books Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes Hymnic Books 1. Psalm2. Song of Solomon Styles of Poetry 1. Lyrical (Psalm): normally accompanied by music2. Didactic (Proverbs, Ecclesiastics): intended to teach life principles3. Dramatic (Job, Song): mainly dialogue Hebrew Poetry 1. Not

LA-Greek Lit: Lyric Poetry

Lyre Greek lyric poetry originally took its name from the fact that it was sung by individuals or a chorus accompanied by this small harplike instrument. Dircean Swan This nickname was given to Pindar because of a fountain near Thebes, where he was born. (Choral) Ode (or, Epinicia) Pindar was a master of writing these poems that celebrated victories in the various official games held throughout Greece. Pindar (PIN-der) Greek

Figurative Language Definitions/Examples/Pictures

figurative language language used by writers to produce images in readers’ minds and to express ideas in fresh, vivid, and imaginative ways simile a comparison of two things using like or as metaphor a direct comparison of two different things hyperbole extreme exaggeration alliteration repetition of initial consonant sounds personification a type of figurative language in which a nonhuman subject is given human characteristics idiom an expression having a special

bible 105 test

3 Purposes of Hebrew Poetry • to express emotion• to instruct in wisdom• to facilitate worship literary characteristics of Hebrew poetry • The prominent use of figurative language• use of chiastic structure• use of acrostic structure• parallelism- the correspondence of a 2nd line to the first line in Hebrew poetry basic kinds of parallelism define… • Synonymous parallelism: The thoughts in each line correspond synonymously (saying the same thing with

The Last Supper

The Last Supper took place on Holy Thursday in a large furnished room in the upstairs of a house in the city. Jesus and the twelve disciples all took part.The disciples were all Jews and on the day of the Last Supper they were, in fact, celebrating the Passover. The Passover was celebrated by all Jews each year to commemorate the escape of Jews from slavery in Egypt.The meal the

Freedom to Worship

What does it mean to be an American? Well, the word “American” is interpreted differently from person to person. When thinking of what an American is, some feel that events such as sitting around the Thanksgiving table, children dressed up in their best Sunday clothes for Easter service, and Fourth of July parades are truly representative of American culture. We conjure up images of the marchers in Washington, who are

What Do the Marriage Vows Demand From a Catholic Couple In Living Out Their Marriage

I am going to consider the Sacrament of Marriage in the Catholic Church, and what it means for a couple when they decide to make that commitment to each other. I will explain what the vows made by a couple during a Catholic marriage ceremony mean. I will then look at the Catholic Church’s teachings on Sex outside of marriage, Responsible parenthood and Divorce, and how the words and actions

Report on Prayer

a) How do Christians pray?In this section of my report on Christian prayer I’m going to be looking at how Christians pray. Prayer is both talking and listening to God, the dictionary definition of prayer is asking earnestly or to entreat.Christians pray in two main places, in pubic and private worship. There are four major types of prayer that can be used in both public and private worship these include

Jews have a day of rest called Sabbath or Shabbos

Sabbath is a day for Jews to rest and are forbidden to do any work because its holy day, not just a day off. They are forbidden to do work so they can devote themselves to prayer and to study the torah. By resting on Sabbath, Jews show their belief that god created the world, and rested on the 7th day, as they rest on Sabbath, they see themselves imitating

6 are some dinosaurs you may have never

6 Dinosaurs You May Not Have Known ExistedWhy are certain things more popular than others? Like how T-rex and triceratops are really popular than all of the other dinosaurs.The dinosaurs I will be talking about today are some dinosaurs you may have never heard of. Even I didn’t know some of these existed.I think these dinosaurs are pretty interesting and I think they should become more popular.                              #1: NodosaurusFirst off

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