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Sukuk is an Arabic term for financial certificate. It is the Islamic equivalent of bond and nomarlly known as an Islamic or Sharia obey ‘Bond’ simultaneously in actual fact.It is an asset-backed instrument and tradable shari’ah compatible trust certificates. In its simplest form Sukuk is a certificate evidencing ownership of an asset . The Sukuk structures rely on the creation of a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). Sukuk whose singular is

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InconvenienceDigital currency scrambles with regulatory compliance andfaces the problem of reaching the mass trading market and conventional banking.The worldwide problems like counter terrorist financing and anti-moneylaundering for digital currencies needs to be tackle down for easy trading. The entire market and it’s contributors are at peril due tothese muddles. All the money proceed to illegal markets, drug traders,terrorists, human barters and weapon dealers. Therefore the companies that dealwith exchange of money

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Google AdSenseGoogle AdSense may be a meriting program continue running on Google. “Google AdSense” is quick and straightforward methodology internet publishers of all sizes to show relevant Google advertising on their website’s and earn cash. as a result of the ads square measure concerning what your guests square measure searching for on your website or matched to the characteristics and interests of the guests your content attracts, you will finally have the simplest way to each decriminalize and enhance your content pages. It’s also the simplest way for {website|web website} publishers to supply Google internet and site search to their guests, and to earn cash by displaying Google ads on the search results

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Alexander Hamilton, elected as the first treasury secretary of the United States by George Washington, well known as one of the main authors of The Federalist Papers, assisted in the ratification of the United States Constitution. Hamilton held an important role in planning and controlling the financial affairs of the Federal government. As a result of the Revolutionary War, the United States of America was left with a debt of

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Bitcoin? What is Bitcoin? The question which arouses in the mind of everyone. The Bitcoin attracts the interest of the people when it gets promoted through broadcast and social media. Also the reason of its acceptance by the major companies results to its credibility.Bitcoin is a digital currency which is nor govern by individual or neither have any centralized authority or bank. It was firstly introduced in the year 2009.

Introduction counterparty makes payments in a second currency.

Introduction A swap is an agreement or a derivative contract between two counterparties to exchange cash flows. This exchange takes place at specified future dates as mentioned in the contract. Ø  Swaps do not trade on exchanges and are traded mostly over-the-counter (OTC). Ø  Swaps are custom instruments and largely unregulated. Ø  Subject to default risk. Ø  Swaps typically require no payment by either party at the beginning of the

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The idea of Blockchain was first presented in 2008 with a distribution of : ” Bitcoin- A peer-to-peer Electronic cash system “, a paper by an unknown individual or group named Satoshi Nakamoto (A nom de plume till date nobody is certain as to who it seems to be). Blockchain was then for all intents and purposes actualized in 2009 as a center segment of the digital curency, Bitcoin. It

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One of the most known bitcoin-related features is the digital scarcity, implemented by Satoshi Nakamoto’s protocol. There will be produced only 21 million bitcoins – end of story. January 13 is a landmark for BTC as only 20% of the currency is left to be produced. And this are going to be the toughest 20%, mined throughout bitcoin’s history.Bitcoin’s Supply to Come to an EndCurrently, according to the, there

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During each time period, there is always a leader whochanges a basic component of society: a king or ruler. We find characteristicsof leaders as well as what changes they made in the ancient and medievalperiod. It is important to study ancient history because we can learn themistakes and impacts of the decisions they made. During the time periods, organizationdepended upon the leader that brought change to the state. The organization

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The Dornbuschovershooting model shows the excessive fluctuation of the nominal exchange ratein response to a change in the monetary supply. The model is situated on two central equations: 1)    The uncoveredinterest rate parity denoted by:                             r = r* + ?s?                      2)     The money demand equation denoted by:                            m – p = k? – lr The equations of the model are:All variables areexpressed in logs, R* and P* aregiven. Uncovered Interest RateParity (UIRP): 

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