Racial of education, neighborhood, religious and familial communities

       Racial and ethicalidentity are both very important components to the total framework of anindividual and collective identity. When focusing on minority groups in othercountries such as the United States, racial and ethical identities are exposedin acutely judicious ways. These contradictory practices are generated throughsocial and cultural influences. To begin with, the immersion of traditions andculture through the means of education, neighborhood, religious and familialcommunities are deep-seated in

Culture There is always a need to advance

Culture can be definedas a set of values, shared attitudes, goals and practices that defines aparticular group of people. The presence of several distinct cultural andethnic groups is what we term as Multi-culturalism. There is always a need toadvance multiculturalism interaction because the world has become a globalvillage and people from different part of the world interact with each everyday. Miscommunication existsdue to the difference in race, ethnicity, religion and

Canada could define Canada and that the policy

Canada will be a strong country when Canadians of all provinces feel at home in all parts of the country, and when they feel that all of Canada belongs to them, said by Pierre Trudeau. The policy of multiculturalism was established in 1971 and Canada became the first country to approve it as an official policy. This course of action has changed Canada to a great extent and has endorsed

What are the distinctive emphases and approaches of a multicultural philosophy of social science? How helpful are they to social scientists?

Multicultural philosophy is often associated with the existence of different races, and how these races coexist with each other. It is concerned with the equality of cultural and political status of various cultural groups in the society: different races and cultures living under one roof following the same set of rules. It is more about the cultural and ethnic diversity of a country, wherein the society’s nationhood is realized by

Summary of social policy

Social policy aims to achieve a few social and economic objectives. The aim of international social policy is to guarantee the rights of the people with disabilities. Such a social policy should find the methods of improving the rights of the people with disabilities as they suffer from physical and other weaknesses. The study of international social policy is important in order to understand the ways in which the international

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