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Last updated: December 6, 2019
Read the poem below and answer the question that follows. “Love Compared”by Nizar QabbaniWhich statement describes this poem best?
The poem uses imagery to show the speaker’s love.

What is iambic pentameter?
lines of poetry with a pattern of 10 unaccented and accented syllables

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What is “parody”?
a work intended to imitate and make fun of another; often used in satire

Why is hyperbole useful in poetry?
It allows the poet to emphasize something.

Deliberately leaving details out of a piece of writing is called __________.


What is the definition of “sonnet”?
a 14-line poem that follows a particular rhyme scheme

What is the parody in Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130?
He is making fun of the conventions of the blazon.

What does “imagery” mean?
the use of vivid language that creates sensory images

Which sentence illustrates the meaning of meter in poetry best?
Meter is the regular pattern of rhythm in a poem.

Which statement illustrates society’s view of women as illustrated by Spenser’s sonnet?
Women’s physical beauty was glorified.

Which quotation is an example of imagery?
“Thy lips are like a thread of scarlet”

Which phrase defines “mortified” best?
horrified or shamed

Which phrase defines “author’s purpose” best?
the author’s reason for writing

Which line illustrates the influence culture has had on traditional female roles?
” . .

. women’s participation in the labor force was limited by traditional cultural, educational, and legal practices.”

Which excerpt represents Armstrong’s purpose in writing this passage?
“I’m not here to make polite conversation.

I want to tell the truth.”

Which phrase defines “author’s perspective” best?
the author’s attitude toward and opinion about the topic

Which excerpt expresses the author’s attitude about gender roles in her society best?
“[T]he truth is, we live like bats or owls, labour like beasts, and die like worms.”

What is the traditional female gender role in the culture Esquivel describes?
to be in charge of morality and religion, cook meals, and care for children

Which experience or belief affects Esquivel’s perspective in her essay “At the Hearth”?
all of these

How might an author’s background and time period affect a piece of writing?
They can affect the author’s perspective and in turn the theme and purpose for the writing.

Read the excerpt below from “Female Orations” by Margaret Cavendish and answer the question that follows.Which statement describes the author’s purpose in this excerpt best?
The speaker wants her audience to understand how unequal men and women are in their society.

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