. customers who are form private and public



Technology is
growing very fast these days not only in numbers but also in its size and
capacity. I would like to be a part of this
advancing technology and computing revolution. In the complex world of
business and technology, managing the information and data has become essential
for moving forward.

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I consider
punctuality and discipline are my greatest strengths which I adopted form
father who served in India Army. Because of the strengths, I was selected as a
member for NSS(National Service Scheme), a social program where awareness
activities conducted at nearby villages. By these activities, I was aware of
social issues and learned how to act in such situations.

I have
learned many business ethics and rules in my experience. I am aware of the
world class business and respective procedures, which I learnt during my employment
at Metrohm India Limited, a sub of Metrohm AG which is a Swiss based leading
analytical instrumentation company. In my work experience, I not only utilized
my strengths such as communication skills and ______ effectively, by
maintaining good relation and rapport with our customers who are form private
and public sectors, but also improved few skills such as business skills and
leadership skills. I consider my promotion as senior service engineer, training
on new products and new responsibilities in service department at
Visakhapatnam, which is a remote branch of our company, in the early state of
career, as my accomplishments.

I faced many
hurdles during my initial days of my work because I was located at remote
branch where limited resources and lack of prior experience. However, later I
overcame all the obstacles one by one with proper planning and time management.
I was struggling to present and demonstrate the products earlier, but later, I
improved my technical skills as well as presentation skills, with the help of
seniors and in the same way, I helped my subordinates in this regard, later.

most of the business world depends on the Information Systems, which is crucial
part of the successful management of an organization. In addition to extensive background
in computers, I would like to extend my skills further by taking Management
Information Systems program at your esteemed university. I am certain that I
can use my current skills and background to learn how to analyze and solve the
problems in the modern business. After researching
of many MIS programs, I am very much interested in MIS program particularly at
University of South Florida because the course structure includes
________________, which are in my interest. The quality of education and
research and course structure of MIS program at University of South Florida has
motivated me to pursue a slightly altered educational path, which allows me to
improve my potential to grow.

After my
graduation, I would like to seek the employment in India, where technology is
growing fast particularly in information technology which is going to play
major role in future. I would like to enter in to the world of business and technology,
with adequate technical skills, and face the challenges especially in the
international business.




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