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Last updated: February 17, 2019

The Corporate Office is located in Geneva, Switzerland. Skimpiness Hotels currently pirates 103 five-star hotels in 36 countries.

Skimpiness is a founding member of the Global Hotel Alliance (GHZ), the world’s largest alliance of Independent hotels. One of 103 five-star hotel who is Skimpiness Hotels Changed from China. Census’s rich history dates back 2,400 years and has been called “Titan If Chi Guy”, literally a place richly endowed with natural resources.Blessed with natural wonders and home of the giant pandas, all listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Skimpiness Hotel Changed Invited you to experience nature as never before. For over a decade the Kennels Hotel Changed has been welcoming both business ND leisure travelers providing European Hospitality with the flair of Chuan spice. Skimpiness Hotels is located in the heart of the city of the south, away from the Sunlight International Airport; 20 minutes’ drive from the city center is only 10 minutes’ drive away. This 25-storey modern luxury hotel is the latest landmark in Changed.Have all kinds of luxurious rooms, including a luxurious presidential suite, two executive floors, an executive lounge and three non-smoking floors.

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Each room is furnished tastefully furnished, the area from 34-230 square meters ranging from fee and tea-making tools, in-room safe and mint-bar. There is guest bathroom decor, luxurious facilities, with separate shower multifunction device. Kennels many Important cities In the world have a famous chain, entered the global resort market In order to meet growing customer demand.The hotel group currently consists of 16 beautiful environment resorts; each place offers an excellent package of leisure facilities, For example, Colony Park Plaza unique Hotels Colonial Del Sacramento Trot Uruguay, Patagonia Park Plaza unlike Hotel Trot Argentina On the other hand, Guests have the opportunity to not only receive additional connection and rewards for staying with Skimpiness and our partner properties within the GHZ, they moreover have the opportunity to benefit from pre-arranged local experiences which will enhance your stay and cultural experience.The GHZ Discovery Programmer is based on three levels of membership: Gold, Platinum and Black.

These levels are based on the number of nights you stay in Global Hotel Alliance hotels. The more nights you spend with us, the more amazing the membership benefits and Local Experiences you will receive. According to your membership level you will receive the benefits mentioned below. Gold: Platinum: Black: Room Amenities The hotel provide the general are of electrical household appliances including the TV, satellite TV, telephone, fax, internet access (wired LANA), safe .Kitchen aspects appliances including the electric kettle (coffee / tea), Microwave, kitchenette, refrigerator, mint-bar, Hair dryer, iron, transformer, conversion plug, alarm clock umbrella (should be required to provide). The supply in the bathroom including the soap, shower gel, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, shower cap, comb, towels, bath towels, bathrobes, slippers. There are cots provided within roomsCatering, leisure and service facilities For catering including the restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs, karaoke k, multi- purpose hall, banquet hall, Tearoom, restaurant, Western restaurant, barbecue, all- day room service, and lobby bar.

Leisure facilities including the children’s play, bakeries, shops, galleries, beauty salon, fitness center, swimming pool, Ballroom, sauna, connecting rooms , business center, gift shop, shuttle buses, laundry service.Services include non-smoking rooms, conference rooms, you can use computers, fax service, room service, massage service, wake up service, parcel post service, concierge arrive, currency exchange. Fitness and Recreation Let guests have a relaxing leisure activities, the hotel offers include a fitness room, massage room, sauna, indoor swimming pool, SPA, foot, Kara K hall, nightclub.In addition, the hotel has children’s playground offers fun for children Accessible Facilities Wheelchair accessible Handicapped toilet Special Services The hotels provide guests Send morning coffee, providing Newspaper and let the guest free use of the fitness center The article of the news is talking about the famous five-star hotel Skimpiness Hotels which is located in Changed. Recently, there are a WEBB user’ “China Film Group Director” complaint that the hotel have the poor service.

Besides, the users said that the hotel use the outsourcing security.It is also influenced the WEBB users’ friend Mr.. Ding.

Here is the poor service about the hotel below: First, Skimpiness Hotel in Changed charge a deposit but the internationally renowned hotel will not charge. Second, they want a smoke-free floor of rooms but they are placed in the smoking floors. Although the spot pointed out arrangements for an error, the Skimpiness Hotel staff did not reassign the room. In addition, during the titled morning, their friend was rejected with the breakfast as the hotel said that he had had a breakfast.However the hotel manager find out that is a mistake which is the hotel staff mark the wrong room number, so his friend can’t having the breakfast on that day. Besides, it is often seen seepage of the water a few days in their shower room and it is without bathroom renovations and the hotel did not repair it.

Finally, the alarm clock in the room is broken and he has repeated so many times to the staff but they don’t fix it. As the alarm clock broken, he have to book the wake up service. On that day, he booked 7:20 in the next morning to have a morning call and he was called at 9:00, it was delayed for two hours and let him late.

After the occurrence of the matter, the hotel Just having a verbal sorry and there is not any indication. There are some procedural and personal sides of customer service were not fulfilled by the concerned service provider. The Procedural Dimension 1. Timeliness For timeliness side, Quality service involves timing, the time it takes the product or service to get to each customer and efficient service is speedy. But in this case, the arrive provider does not satisfy the needs of customers. First, customers want a smoke-free floor of rooms but they are placed in the smoking floors.

And the staffs does not Instant to reassign the room for customers. Also, seepage of the water a few days in customer shower room and it is without bathroom renovations and the hotel did not repair it. And about the problem of alarm clock is broken, the customer repeated many times to the staff but they don’t fix. Also, because of the staffs service not good, the morning call is delayed for two hours and let him late.

About these robbers, when customers find problems of room, they instant to talk with staffs and repeated many times but the staffs did not response and did not solve the problems.So, the time control is important, if customer have any problems, the staffs need instant to solve, and it will be a good quality service for customers because the good quality service is involves timing. 2. Anticipation About the Anticipation, effective anticipation required that service always be one step ahead of customers’ needs. For the alarm clock broken and seepage of the water problems, these problems can prevent before the customer use the room. Before the customers use the room, the staffs can check all facilities, then customers can enjoy in the hotel.

Because of the hotel is 5-stars hotel, the customers expected the hotel facilities or service is good, So the hotel need to do the best and check all facilities before the customers in hotel, to Satisfy their need. Service provide before customers teen want. 3. Communication Next, for Communication, this hotel Communication is not good, it is because when the rooms have some problems such as alarm clock broken, the customers talk with staffs and repeated many times but staffs Ignore with customers. O their communicate is not good.Also, for the customer order the morning call, the message is important but staffs is miss that message, it is because the staffs did not confirm it. So, the hotel communicates is not enough 4. Customer Feedback About the Customer Feedback, when customers find facilities have a problem, they instant to response to the staffs.

This is very important, because the Customer Feedback can help the hotel to change. So that the new service and products can met the guests’ needs and expectations. The Personal Dimension Attitude: Tone of Voice The particular words said to customers are important, but the staff of the news can’t do that.According to the news, the morning call service was delayed for two hours.

After the occurrence of the matter, the hotel Just having a verbal sorry and there is not any indication. This tone of voice is not good to the guest. I think the staff of the hotel should apology to the guest solemnly and remember the mistake and never get it one more time. They should also have a compensate to the guest, such as gift the hotel room for few days and none of charge when the guest come again, give a free reassert or buffet dinner to the guests.It can make a good impression to the guests and they may come again by the good impression too. Attentiveness [Reading the Customer, Rapport and Empathy] Attentive service providers are tuned in to the human needs of their guests and treat them as people. According to the news, the guest want to have a smoke-free room but he get the rooms are placed in the smoking floor.

Also, the seepage of the water problem appears for a few days and the staff did not repair to the guest. Besides, the alarm clock in the room is broken and there is no staff to fix it too.It is poor situation hat ignore the guests’ request, and it may effects the reputation of the hotel as bad news travel fast. So, the hotel staffs have to improve the skills of handling the guests and they should give good memories to the guests. Guidance [Product Knowledge, Additional Assistance and Use of Positive Phrases] Providing help to the customers who are indecisive or confused is a way of showing care and concern for them as customers.

In the case, the staff did not providing helps to the guest and reject to the guest.According to the happening, there is seepage of the water problem, the alarm in the room is broken and they get a unsuitable room o live in side. But the staff did not go to help the guest and let the guest disappointed on the hotel service, it is bad and giving a bad memories to the guests. Providing help is a representative of concerning on the guests, they need to do that to the customers and take care to the guests. If I were the manager in Skimpiness Hotel Changed, I will have some improvement to solve these problems and I will make some suggestion as follow.

For the improvement, first, I think maybe out hotel won’t charge the deposit will be better as I think that it’s not a necessary step for us to operate the hotel. Another reason is others also no needs to pay the deposit. For the deposit as we also won’t charge the deposit, so it may not decrease the member of the customers who want to live in our hotel..

If customers want to live in no smoking floor, but we distribute a room which in smoking floor, first I will make an apology to the customer as our staff done the wrong action, it make some inconvenient to our customer.Through we make an apology; I think customer will keep have confidence to us. Next, I will arrange a new room which in no smoking floor as we know the mistake but we don’t fix the robbers; I worry about the customer may affect their satisfaction of our service.

For the restaurant waiter enter the wrong room number led to the customer can’t dine. The first thing we must do is make an apology to the customer. Next, maybe we can provide a free lunch to the customer since our staff enters the wrong room number, so we need to have the compensation to the customer.Perhaps next time customers need to show their room card before they enter in the restaurant; this can reduce the chance of the similar things happen If I received a customer complaint the room acclivities appear problems, I will immediately arrange the customer into the other room as it can reduce the impact on customer. Also, I will tell the front desk clerk don’t arrange other customer live in as we need to call maintenance personnel to repair, after repair, we need to make sure there is no problem to the customer.Since, alarm clock is broken inside the room, the customer was prompted repeatedly, but we ignore him.

As there is no alarm clock it booked 7:20 the next morning wake up service, but the hotel until 9:00 called him, led him to be late. I think if he Just want to aka up early, almost customer will accept us to make an apology; on the other hand if the customer have an important meeting or something to do, but we do not offer a service to him, we apologize in addition to outside, we must still make the compensation.For example: we can offer a 50% discount for him to dine in our restaurant, or maybe we can give a free gift for the compensation. For the suggestion, I think it might be a good idea to set up a rewards and punishment system, because it can increase employee morale as employees will want to get a reward, so they will provide a high quality services to customer; on the other hand, if he employee had made a serious mistake, we will sent the warning letter, even fire the employee.

Besides, I think we can arrange some courses or training to the staff as it can train their discipline, also can teach them how to provide a high quality service to customer. Finally, we can regularly distributed questionnaires as we can know the ideas that are think by the customers, through we have the questionnaires, we can do better I hope that after we have done these improvements, we can turn the dissatisfy customer to become satisfy ones, or maybe motivate them to become loyal customers.

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