Cyber bullying

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Last updated: March 27, 2019

In the age of technology, the internet is now an indispensable partner of humans. We rely on the Internet so much in our daily life. Working, idling, purchases or even communications need to seek a helping hand from the useful and trustworthy Internet.

However, the Internet is also a two edge sword, with both pros and cons at the same time. One of the harmful thing brings by the Internet is cyber bullying. It spread like epidemic throughout the world among teenagers. It induces tragedies and sows the seeds of sorrow to young victims.To tackle this worsening situation and hopefully avoid cyber bullying, the three main bodies, government, schools and parents, should take the initiative with great concerns. To commence with, the government can do a lot to alleviate to situation.

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By implementing stringent regulations to the network sites that the owners of the sites should supervise their users probably, thus, bullying online can be controlled at least in a certain extent. Cyber bullying always happen in forums where people can feely express themselves with no responsibilities should be taken after that.Therefore, some people are “interested” in teasing the others. It is their favorites to surf on the photos-posting column and laugh at others people’s appearances. Since the teenagers are the loyal users of forums, they always fall victim to this kind of bullying. The government should ask the forum owners to take on somebody supervising the users, see whether they are bullying the others by words and delete those posts if necessary. This policy are not only implemented to forums, but also in the others network sites. Apart from the government’s work, school should take actions in educating the students to respect the others.

Students bully their classmates because they don’t respect the others, they never think in other people’s shoes. What do you think if you are bullied? Why someone is bullied without doing anything wrong? Why are you so selfish and immoral to build up your happiness on top of other people’s grief? Teachers should lead students to think deeply about the questions above and influence them to be respectful. Education is the effective and ultimate way to avoid cyber bullying from happening.

Last but not least, parents are the biggest support of the youths to face or ignore the bullying.To avoid the online bullying, parents should not be overprotective. They cannot forbid their love ones to use computers or chat with their friends in order to prevent tragedies. On the contrary, they should let their sons and daughters go on surfing or chatting, but with special attentions to what they are browsing or talking in MSN.

It is not difficult to see that they are being bullied online as the sadness will be written on their faces usually. At this point, immediate parental help is crucial, teach them to neglect those annoying people, because victims of bullying are often the next bully.To stop this vicious circle, help and attention from parents are always in need. To conclude, cyber bullying is on the trend of worsening. Many cases in other countries have indicated the gravity of this issue. We cannot wait anymore. To avoid this, government, schools and parents should get their jobs done swiftly and efficiently.

For the teenagers, they should know the serious consequence of bullying. No one should be the bully or bulled. The society cannot bear any tragedies happen anymore, losing our next generation with good fortune and life originally.

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