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Danae ParkerMiss. MastersonEnglish II Honors01/08/18Research Paper: Does Hollywood have a bad influence on America? Hollywood has an influence on America. It has a bad influence on America because the movies make children and teenagers want to do the same things as the Hollywood actors and actresses. “Hollywood is mostly full of nonsense and delusion and egomania.They think they will be young and beautiful forever, even though most of them aren’t even young and beautiful now ” (Hitchens.) This quote means that Hollywood is very stupid to think that they will be gorgeous forever, because as they age, their beauty will go away sometime, especially with drugs. People may think that Hollywood is good influence for America. In an article called “Television Offers Programs with Family-Friendly Values,” it said that they give a CAMIE statuette as a reward to Hollywood actors and actresses.

This article is talking about that there used to be a lot of movies with really good morals.”The CAMIE statuette is a woman in a long dresses only showing here ankles. Each year, the CAMIE Awards honor five theatrical and five made-for-TV movies that feature “positive role models who build character, overcome adversity, correct unwise choices, strengthen families, live moral lives, and solve life’s problems with integrity and perseverance.” (Beato) There was 20 movies that were the most popular in 2007, and two were rated R.

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From 2005 till 2007, 40 movies were rated R, and there was none that were rated NC-17 in the traditional summer movie season. These movies were open in 500 or more theater. “The Dove Foundation, a nonprofit organization that encourages the ‘production, distribution and consumption of wholesome family entertainment’ issued its blue-and-white ‘Family Approved Seal” to 58 feature films released in 2007.'” (Beato) This is important because it shows you that Hollywood hasn’t made very many movies today with good morals. The CBS News poll said that Hollywood had too much influence on American politics and social values. This poll is between people that think Hollywood had too much influence, just enough, and not enough influence on America. “Most Americans say they think Hollywood has too much influence on American politics and culture, according to the CBS News poll.” (CBS News poll) ” 61% say Hollywood has too much influence on American politics and social values, 26% think it has the right amount, and 9% think it has too little.

” (CBS News poll) “More than three-quarters of Republicans, and most Independents (61 percent), think Hollywood’s influence is too much, while less than half of Democrats (48 percent) think it’s too much.”(CBS News poll) Most people said that Hollywood had too much influence on America, but they never said if it was good influencing or bad influencing.The New York Times wrote an article on Hollywood’s influence, it was by Andrew Hacker. This article is about how Hollywood is influencing people’s everyday lives. It said “In traditional American style, the struggle ended in accomodation. In this case, the movies themselves won, seducing the middle class as well.

“(Hacker) “The movies gave an education in sophistication to at least two generations of Americans.” (Hacker) When an interviewer was interviewing Andy Hardy, he said “It was through the movies that I learned to kiss a girl on her ears, neck, and cheeks, as well as on the mouth.” A lot of people learned to kiss from the movies, because there is a lot of it in movies.

That is not a bad thing, but it is just showing that Hollywood is still influencing other people in America.Kelle Walsh wrote an article on Hollywood’s influence on smoking in 1997. He said that Hollywood doesn’t influence actions, but it mirrors the actions of society at large. (Walsh) “Pop culture’s growing re-acceptance of smoking..reflects a mind boggling surge in popularity of cigarettes, despite concentrated efforts to reduce smoking rates among the nation’s youth.” (Walsh) A couple of kids from Casa Grande High School made a petition to ask actress Winona Ryder to be a role model to kids and not smoke, and she said, “Sorry kids, butt out! This is art” According to a 1996 study by the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research, 34% of high school seniors are smokers. “Among youth in grades 8 through 10, smoking rates are lower (21 to 30%) but have increased by as much as 50% over the past 5 years.

” (Walsh) “Nationally, 3,000 young people become addicted to tobacco daily; in California, an estimated 200 teenagers between the ages of 12 and 17 become regular smokers each day.” (Walsh) “Despite mass education efforts in California, our education efforts confront popular celebrities; the increase in smoking on TV ans in movies counters the education efforts in the schools, you’ll find characters like Bruce Willis defusing a bomb with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. Or someone like Arnold Schwarzenegger, he was the president’s fitness expert, posing on the cover of his magazines with a big cigar in his mouth. That send contradictory messages to kids, these are their heroes,” said by Shelly Huff of the American Cancer Society. This article is important because it shows that celebrities even are setting a bad influence for kids in America, they are basically telling them that smoking is okay.Hollywood mostly has a bad influence on America. The comment about Arnold Schwarzenegger as a very healthy man, is on a cover with a cigar in his mouth.

That alone tells children and teenagers that if he is smoking then they can do it too.  Works Cited”A Quote by Christopher Hitchens.” Quote by Christopher Hitchens: “It’s Los Angeles Mostly Full of Nonsense and .

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