Daniel – English Quiz 3

symbolic reading
Reading a poem to determine a deeper level of meaning based on elements which appear to contain meaning beyond themselves

four approaches to poetry in order
literal reading, symbolic reading, figurative reading, analytical reading

figurative reading
Reading a poem to identify meaning expressed through metaphor, imagery, and personification

literal reading
Reading a poem for straightforward meaning

analitical reading
Reading a poem to determine sound patterns through scansion or rhyme scheme

the giving of human characteristics to nonhuman things

metrical foot
a unit of stressed/unstressed syllables that join with other feet to create poetic meter

figurative language
language which imaginatively describes or compares two or more unlike thin

an implied imaginative comparison between unlike things

one thing that stands for something else in addition to itself

free verse
poetry with no regular pattern of rhyme or rhythm

an imaginative comparison between unlike things using like or as

repetition of end sounds within or across lines of poetry

highly descriptive language that appeals to the senses

the process of analyzing the meter of a poem

rhyme scheme
the pattern of rhyme across a poem

rhyming couplet
two lines of poetry whose end rhyme binds them together as a unit

Review what these areanapesticdactyliciâmbictrochaic

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