‘Data-driven got a lot of potentials to examine

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Last updated: July 28, 2019

‘Data-drivendecision-making’ is something that is widely recognized now a days, and `BigData’ is on the highest level in the list, for running these types ofdecision-making processes. Big data can be developed from multiple sources, andit can have multiple formats too.

It is nothing but a high-volume,high-velocity and high-variety information assets but it demands innovativeforms of information processing that is cost-effective, but results in insight betterment,easy decision-making, and in short make the whole process automatic. Although big data hasgot a lot of potentials to examine large volumes of data in order to uncoverhidden patterns, correlations and other insights, using big data has got a lotmany challenges too that are related to data acquisition, process, storage,management and also analysis. Generally big data is unstructured data, unlike structuredtraditional data in its characteristics of huge-volume, high velocity and also high-varietyof sources and also for the need that it has to be integrated finally for an analysis.

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Analytical systems and traditional data management are based on relational andstructured database systems. Those systems are not designed for the huge volumeand heterogeneity of big data. Technical Institutions areoperating in an increasingly complex and competitive environment.

This paperidentifies contemporary challenges being faced in technical institutions globallyand describes the potential of Big Data in defining these challenges. The paperthen explores a number of opportunities and challenges associated with theimplementation of Big Data in the context of higher education at global level.Our research papersummaries the opportunities and challenges of using big data in the technicalcolleges of higher education.The paper concludes byoutlining future directions relating to the development and implementation ofan institutional project on Big Data.

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