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There are many laws and acts that have been passed since the introduction of ICT to the mainstream audience; these exist to maintain the safety and efficiency of computer and internet use. These laws are applied in many different locations such as in the workplace, school, colleges, universities and public places such as libraries or internet cafes. These laws are important as they ensure that the general well being of their computer presence is kept sustained.This unifying of the law and ICT has brought about several laws and acts that have been introduced at different times, these include:1. Data protection act2.

Computer misuse act3. Copyright, design and patents act4. Health and safety at work actOther regulations:1.

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EU2. Internet code of practice3. The regulation of inventory powers act (2000)The Data Protection ActThe data protection act was first passed in 1984 and in 1998. It was made to accommodate for the growing amount of personal information on all the computer and the possible illegal misuse of that information. This law include all “data subjects”, or any person with data about them stored on a computer and gives them any organisation’s data. There are eight rules made by the data protection act.

They say that any data held about a person must be:1. fairly and lawfully processed;2. processed for limited purposes;3. adequate, relevant and not excessive;4. accurate;5. not kept for longer than is necessary;6. processed in line with your rights;7.

secure;8. not transferred to countries without adequate protection.How a school abides by the rulesThe data that is supplied to the school is given in on a sheet that is filled out by the parents. It is them give to the school computers.

The sheets that have been handed out should then be destroyed because of act 7 which says that all data must be secure and it is more secure on a computer than on a piece of paper that can be lost. On this form the school have to say why they are sending out the form and why the information is being collected. It also has to say what will happen to the data. On the sheet it will probably say we are collecting this data to find out information about your child and that we are sending this to the school database.This sheet would be used to find out things like medical reasons and contact numbers.

The school will need to send out copies of this sheet to ensure that it is correct. The data needs to be kept protected so the children won’t be able to access the database with the information on. Also the folder with the information will be password protected so only the people with the correct authority can access it. Also the teacher that can access it have teacher ID so that they can be tracked and the administrator can see what they have been on to make sure it was necessary.

That is to make sure they aren’t breaching the code. Also data kept by the school must not be kept longer than necessary. When I leave the school the data should be deleted of the computer as it will no longer be necessary for the school to keep it as I am not there anymore. Also if the school wants to share the information with third person parties then they must contact my parents. If they don’t then they could be prosecuted as this is illegal. This stops my details like phone and email getting out to marketing companies contacting me.

Overall the data protection act means that I can be protected at school and when I have left it is quickly deleted to keep me safe as well.The data protection act is also used to help online. I usually buy things online from websites like Amazon. These use an e commerce management system and websites use them to ensure the security of their credit details is securely going across the internet.

This is stated in their privacy policy. When signing up to websites like hotmail then the user is asked to read to the privacy policy and agree to it. This is so if they breach the code then the company can’t be prosecuted. Also when making an account then you are asked weather hotmail can share information with third person parties.

If you don’t check the box then hotmail cannot legally send information. Hotmail also has to say what they are going to do with the information. They will say this in the terms and conditions screen.

EvaluationThe data protection act protectsHow Legislation Affects a Working AdultIn nearly all workplaces today ICT is used today. It used for computers, servers, printers and fax machines. Now because of all these different technologies there are now many laws. My dad Paul Fairburn has to follow these rules and stay on the right side of the law. If he doesn’t then he may risk losing his job. The main law that affect my dad is health and safety.

Health and Safety act at workThe health and safety at work act (1974) is the main piece of health and safety legislation. When my dad enters his workplace he gets a talk about the rules and safety of the workplace. This would include things like the route to the fire escape. There are many different rules for the manager needs to follow. Ones of those is putting a screen in front of any VDU’s.

This is so that the workers don’t damage their eye from continually looking at a screen. To check that the worker hasn’t damaged their eyes they have regular eye tests. If the worker’s eyes are damaged then they won’t be working at optimum efficiencyThe data protection act protects my local community a lot. Shops like blockbuster have to collect large amounts of data from all their members.

This means that they have to use and protect it properly. A lot of the data protection act is applied to how collected data is used. If a worker was to access a member’s details to get their phone number then they would be breaking the law.

This law applies to all the workers of blockbuster. This is so that people that apply don’t have to be worried that there details will not be misused. To make sure that no extra data can be collected blockbuster can only get the following information.

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