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Database Administrator :             A database administrator, known as DBA , Who has to maintain the data of the  organization and provide security to the DB. This position in organization requires an skills on RDBMS and also strong skills on data base quires.The DB runs on the hardware platform so DBA should also known the installations and commands also.

We Have Different Types Of DBA In Real-Time :·         Administrative DBA: keeps up the servers and databases and keeps them running. Stressed over fortifications, securities. Main activity is to maintaining the database and s/w program, but not really in developing. ·         Development DBA: Development mostly into developing the sql , stored procedures.

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This is like a programmer but should concentrate on SQL.How should also known the DBA.·         Data architect: Architect who built the frame of the entire project and provides the problems to the solutions and and guides the his team.·         Data warehouse DBA:The Data Warehouse DBA is who collects the all data and merges into one single files and resizes it.And also he will use some tools to clean up data and for also synchronization. Roles of Database administrator (DBA): ·         The main roles of database administrator is  to ensure the data is available, protected  and easy to access.

·         A DBA  installs and configure of database. The system administrator sets up the hardware and deploy  OS for the DB server, and then the DBA installs the database and configures it for the use. Every-time we usually get the update for s/w so it needs to be maintained.If there is a need of new servers we have to deploy all the data into it as like the old one.

·         Data extraction: This mainly involves ETL tool which is Extract Transform Load, in organizations will get lots of data which is really nothing to use.So what ETL does is it extract all the data from server and transform it into small pieces by deleting unnecessary spaces and files finally loads into new DB.·         DBA needs to be specialized in handling the large amount of data ,because we usually get large amount of data in many forms like audio, vedio, images.·         He needs to maintain the backup data in case of loss or damage.·         it also involves the storing of data from hackers.·         DBA has to provide the authentications for new employees only that way new employees in org can able to access the data.

·         He should be aware of the capacity of the database that how much he should allocate tp different servers.·         DBA should always consider about the performance and maintain of the servers. and also have to take care of updates.Database Warehouse Administrator:Data warehouse administrator responsible for the activities  data warehouse .

SQL,PLSQL is the main languages includes to code the DW and tasks includes saving, tracking ,changes, monitoring data systems.?·         Has to monitor the data &  activities in data warehouse.   ·         Administering warehousing services, including query services & services.

·         Supporting the warehouse users.?DIFFERENCES BETWEEN OF DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR & DATA WAREHOUSE ADMINISTRATOR:Database administrator:•                    DBA manages data of users in  an organization.•                    His work is mot dependent DBMS.

•                    Responsible for creating elements, names and relationships with  database .•                    Specification of organized data is being done here•                    Security and validation of  DB.•                    Reviewing the requirements and providing solutions.

•                    Code tables and passing the data into that .Data warehouse administrator:•                    He ought to have the information of DBMS •                    He should know how to create and looks after framework. •                    His work is subject to DBMS. •                    Needs To store and deal with the data in the DB.

 •                    Breaking down the information volumes and space necessity?SIMILARITIES B/W THE ROLES OF A DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR AND A DATA WAREHOUSE ADMINISTRATOR:•                    Maintaining the policies and safety of the DATA.•                    To bring the high level terminology into simple terms.•                    Solving all types of problems which ever occurs in DB.•                    Supporting and managing the performance of db.•                    Taking care of the data and private and security.•                    Should support all team members in giving knowledge about the servers and db.

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