Days being captured by Russians, Adolf Hitler began

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Days before his death, after being paranoid of being captured by Russians, Adolf Hitler began plotting his own suicide. Hitler had a conversation with his doctor in which he asked of the best way for him to commit suicide, his doctor replied with a method that included ingesting cyanide combined with a gunshot to the skull, and on April 30, 1945, he followed through doing just that. Before his death, being suspicious of whether or not the cyanide capsules would do the trick, it is said that Hitler gave a capsule to his beloved German Shepherd, Blondi, who was only 4 years old, she died as a result. Hitler tested the cyanide on his dog because he was very worried that Russians would capture then torture her after they invaded the bunker. Hitler contained himself along with his new wife, Eva Braun, in one of the eighteen rooms in a bunker that was held 55-feet near the Reich Chancellery in Berlin, Germany.

The bunker was originally named the Führerbunker, and was created for use as an air raid shelter to protect Hitler if he was ever put in harm’s way. Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun were said to have swallowed cyanide capsules together, and also gave one to the dog, followed by only Hitler using a 7.65 mm pistol, his own personal gun, to shoot himself in his right temple. While Blondi was still alive, she gave birth to a litter of 5 puppies.

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One was named Wulf after the literal meaning of the name Adolf (“noble wolf”), and another was put aside for Eva’s sister Gretl. Adolf spent a lot of time training Wulf to be as good of a companion as Blondi was to him. According to a report by Joseph Stalin based on accounts from people who witnessed it, Hitler’s dog-handler took Blondi’s puppies and shot them in the garden above Hitler’s bunker just hours after Hitler and Braun had committed suicide. Eva Braun’s two small dogs were also shot and killed after the double-suicide as well as the dog-handler’s own dog. Prior to the deaths of the newly weds, officers told Hitler that the Russians were very close to overtaking the chancellery altogether and he was pushed to flee to a small town in the Bavarian Alps called  Berchtesgarden, where Hitler owned a home. Refusing to leave, Hitler chose to take his own life in the place where he spent most of his time, the bunker. It was said that Eva, Hitler’s longtime sweetheart, accompanied him in his office in the bunker most of the time, they were in love and were rarely separated. On April 29, 1945, one day before his death, Adolf Hitler married the love of his life, Eva Braun.

After only being married less than 40 hours, Hitler and Braun took their final breaths together, but as husband and wife. Before death, Braun was very worried about not dying at the very same exact second as her newly wedded husband, yet she refused to use a gun because she wanted to still look beautiful after she had passed. However, the cyanide capsule she had still taken reportedly contorted her face, making her look even worse. When Eva Braun was 17 years old, she met Adolf Hitler, who was at the time 40 years old, and the relationship lasted until 14 years later.

During the beginning of their relationship, Braun attempted suicide twice to get Hitler’s full attention because he was already living with another woman, even though he steadily flirted with Eva. Fun fact about Adolf Hitler, he was romantically involved, seriously, with eight women, all of which attempted suicide at least once. To Eva, at first, Hitler’s name was Herr Wolff, he often offered her rides home as well as to movies, out to eat, and to operas, even while Hitler was living with his girlfriend named Geli. Eva Braun was head-over-heels in love with the powerful man, and told him that she planned to move to Vienna to marry another, which made Hitler furious. After Geli was found dead with a self-inflicted gunshot wound, the relationship between Eva and Adolf sparked. The connection between the two was very private, only his inner circle was aware of anything about their relationship. The couple lived a very normal together in Hitler’s home in Berchtesgarden.

Hitler’s letter give evidence that he was very fond of Braun, he often worried when she participated in things that could injure her, such as outdoor sports, or when she would run late for their tea dates together. Hitler’s secretary has said that Hitler would call Braun on the phone daily and was always concerned for her safety. However, Hitler cheated on Braun continuously throughout their relationship. Hitler was said to not want children, he claims that his offspring “would have had a very hard time, because they’re expected to possess the same gifts as their famous parents and they can’t be forgiven for being mediocre”. Before his death, Adolf Hitler made it very clear that he wanted his body cremated in order to prevent his body from being abused and displayed like Mussolini had been. Once guards heard the gunshot from the bunker room, they entered to look at the bodies. The bodies were then retrieved and wrapped in blankets.

The two were laid in the garden of chancellery above ground where guards poured gasoline on their covered corpses and proceeded to light the two on fire where they burned until guards returned to fetch any remains. Only very few people witnessed the cremation, and even fewer saw the body of Hitler after his apparent suicide, but his death not being publicized plus no remains sparked many, many theories about Hitler surviving and living out the rest of his days elsewhere. After Blodi’s puppies were shot, they were buried in the same garden that Hitler and Braun were cremated in by Hitler’s dog trainer, the same one that had just shot them. The last will and testament of Adolf Hitler was signed at four in the morning the day before his suicide. In the very short, formal letter, it talked of his marriage, but failed to mention Eva Braun’s name. He talked of how they are choosing death over disgrace and that they wished for their bodies to be cremated.

He left his art gallery to a gallery in his his home town, Linz. His sentimental objects and objects of a lot of value went to his family members and “faithful co-workers,” everything else went to the National Socialist German Workers Party, and nominated Martin Bormann as the will’s executor. All four witnesses to the signing of Hitler’s will committed suicide within a few months following the Hitler’s suicide, two of which did it in the same bunker as Adolf and Eva.   Theorists believe that Hitler managed to escape the bunker the day of his apparent suicide and fled to Argentina, where it is said he lived until he was 73 years of age. This theory comes from the work of two authors by the names of Simon Dunstan and Gerrard Williams who co-wrote a novel titled Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler. There are many different variations of the theory, but they all involve Hitler surviving and living well past 1945.

The story of Hitler’s flee to Argentina has been proven untrue by many Historians, mostly by Guy Walters who has described the novel and theory as being “rubbish” and stating that “there’s no substance to it at all. It appeals to the deluded fantasies of conspiracy theorists.” He goes on to say, “His death was not apparent to people right away, and Hitler wasn’t technically declared deceased until the year of 1956, 11 years after his proclaimed suicide. Since the story of his suicide has no actual evidence, this caused many people to get creative with what they believed what may have really happened.

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