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Block 2-2 The Liberal Party ofCanada Economic PoliciesThrough research andbrowsing their website, I found out that the Liberal Party of Canada promisesthat they will cancel income splitting and other tax breaks, and not endpension income splitting for seniors. They also promise that they willreestablish the tax credit for contributions made to labour-sponsored funds.Furthermore, theyassure the citizens that they will make the New Building Canada Fund more focusedby providing significant and separate investments in public transit, socialinfrastructures and green infrastructure. They also said that they will providecosting analysis for all proposed legislation, and require the government toreceive Parliament’s approval on borrowing plans. And lastly, they promise thatthey will cut the middle income tax bracket to 20.5 percent from 22 percent,and will also introduce a new tax bracket of 33 percent for individuals acquiringmore than $200,000 each year. Job CreationThe Liberal Party guaranteesthat they will invest $500 million in provincial and territorial Labour MarketDevelopment Agreements to help those receiving Employment Insurance.

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They saidthat they will supply an additional $200 million in training programs, andprovide $25 million each year for training facilities to help those who do notqualify for Employment Insurance or are currently unemployed. Furthermore, they saidthat they will work with employers and workers to determine an appropriateapprenticeship ratio for all federal infrastructure projects. They also saidthat they will kick-start investment in innovation to grow our economy andcreate good, middle class jobs.Social ProgramsThrough research andbrowsing, I found out that the Liberal Party assures the citizens that theywill make the student loan system more flexible, and will also invest $50 millionin annual support to the Post-Secondary Student Support Program.          They also promise that they will setup investments in affordable housing and seniors’ facilities, build morenew housing units and renovate old ones, and give communities the money thatthey need for Housing First initiatives to help homeless Canadiansfind stable housing.      Furthermore, the Liberal Party said thatthey will invest an additional $80 million in the Canadian Food InspectionAgency for more food safety inspections of domestic and imported foods. Theyalso said that they will increase funding to the Public Health Agency of Canadaby $15 million to help Canadian children avoid and manage known health risks, andimprove access to necessary prescription medications.

The Liberal Party alsopromise that they will gather with provinces and Indigenous communities tobegin work on a new National Early Learning and Child Care Framework to deliveraffordable, high-quality, flexible and fully inclusive child care for Canadianfamilies. Crime and PunishmentThe Liberal Party assuresthe citizens that they will legalize, regulate, and restrict access tomarijuana to ensure that they keep marijuana out of the hands of children, andthe profits out of the hands of criminals. Furthermore, they assurethe citizens that they will remove marijuana consumption and incidentalpossession from the Criminal Code. They will also immediately commence anational public inquiry for the missing and murdered Indigenous women and girlsin Canada, to look for recommendations on concrete actions to settle thesecrimes and prevent similar forthcomings.In addition, they promisethat they will amend the Criminal Code to reverse burden on bail for those withprevious convictions of intimate partner violence.

They will also indicatethat partner violence be considered a provoking factor at sentencing, and increase thehighest sentence for repeated actions. Political Reform          I found out that theLiberal Party of Canada said that they will modify the Access to InformationAct so that all government data and information is made open. They also assurethe people that they will create an all-party national security oversightcommittee to monitor the operations of every government department and agencywith national security responsibilities.     Furthermore, they said that they will alsoimmediately lift the Mexican visa requirement, and will work with the UnitedStates and Mexico to develop a continent-wide clean energy and environmentagreement, and they will work to reduce the barriers that limit trade. Theyalso said that they will repeal Bills C-377 and C-525 to restore fair andbalanced labour laws that acknowledge the important role of unions in Canada,and respect their importance in helping the middle class grow and prospect.                                                                                             ReflectionQuestions:1.  Whois the leader of your chosen party?   Answer: Justin Trudeau 2.

  Whatdo the picture/images on the website communicate about the party’s values? Giveexamples and explain.Ithink that the party’s values are equality of opportunity, for they showed andpromised through pictures and text that they will work hard to give everyperson jobs, education and chances, not just for the wealthy, but for the poor,uneducated and many more as well.          I think that they also value ourunique and diverse multicultural family, by supporting and helping othernationalities adapt in Canada. They want to make sure that they are comfortableand happy by providing more job opportunities and by helping them reunite with theirfamilies in other countries, and possibly help them live in Canada together.          Furthermore, I think that they valuethe promotion of the Canadian identity in a global society, because they saidthat they plan to work with other countries and international organizations toprovide greater security and economic growth for Canadians. 3.

  a.What new Canadian issue did you learn about while browsing the party’s website?I learned about theparty’s national housing strategyb. Why is this issue importantto Canadians?This issue isimportant to Canadians, for it aims to reduce chronic homelessness by 50%,remove 530,000 families from housing need, and build up to 100,000 newaffordable homes. This is great news for all Canadians, for it answers the call of cities and stakeholders in thehousing sector and gives hope that housing will become more affordable, evenfor the most disadvantaged. 

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