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Last updated: October 8, 2019

Nicholle Harrison Debbie Chesser American Sign Language 2 19 November 2011 Deaf Cultural Event In Thursday October 20, 2011 I attended a High Desert Association of the Deaf Calendar Event. When I arrived, what I observed were 2 separate large table groups who seem to be divided. This situation appeared to be very strange. The first tables set about 10 to 15 students who I thought were from the Deaf community.

I notice these students were signing amongst themselves. As I walked past the table I notice that something was very strange. These students were sitting with there back against the members if the Deaf culture.At the second table there sat a group about 10 familiar faces of the Deaf community. They were happy to engage in conversation using sign. Some of them even had sign names such as Keith and Marty.

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Keith helped us in areas we struggled in. They all used spacing, transition and non-manual behaviors. We asked them who those people at the first table are. Keith stated they are students from Victor Valley College. They have not come over to introduce themselves and how rude it was for them to use sign in their presence. We said, wow and assured him and the others we would never do that.We are here to not only to support your community but to learn and meet new friends as well. He then invited us to attend his Halloween party at his residence.

While I was bonding with the Deaf culture, I glanced over to the students table and they began to stare. I was embarrassed by their actions because they were representing Victor Valley College. In conclusion what I had concerns about were the separate o the different groups.

It was evident that the Deaf culture tends to stick together due to their beliefs. If anyone is interested in joining their community they must educate themselves on not only the history but the respect as well002E

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