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Last updated: March 18, 2019

DearSir/Madam,I am writing this at the requestof Leke Elvis Asiambeh, who is applying for the Master Biomedical Sciences:Infectious and Tropical Diseases programme in theUniversity of Antwerp.

  I have known Lekefor 10 years as his lecturer and as his boss. Myfirst encounter with him was in my Anatomy and Physiology class. All along hehas demonstrated high level of seriousness and a great desire to succeed academicallyand professionally. This seriousness and quest for knowledge end him a job as anurse educator in his alma mater after his undergraduate Nursing degree.

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He then decided to further his study at the master level where he obtained amaster degree in public health.As his lecturer and Supervisorat the undergraduate level, I have had an opportunity to observe the student’sparticipation and overall progress. I would rate the leke’s overall performanceas very good, because he improved tremendously in the course of the programmeand he can equally carry out good research under little supervision.Leke is very dedicated to hiswork as a nurse educator and as the HOD of Pharmaceutical Studies in BiakaUniversity Institute of Buea where he works.

He is equally the financialsecretary of the Cameroon Nursing Association – Buea Branch where he shares hisgreat ideas with association members. I believe if he is given the opportunityto be admitted and gain the scholarship, he is going to contribute tremendouslyin the university Institute where he currently works and to the country atlarge. I evaluate Leke Elvis to beintelligent, dependable, dedicated, and a person who is ready to achieve hisgoals with any given opportunity. I am positive, that Leke would be atremendous contributor to your program and I highly recommend him to youwithout reservation for admission into the Biomedical Sciences: Infectious andTropical Diseases programme and also for him to benefit from the Master Mind Scholarship to aid him financially throughthe programme. If you have any further questions with regard to his backgroundor qualifications, please do not hesitate to contact me.Sincerely, Dr.Nyanga JudithEmail Address:        TelephoneNumber:

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