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Dear US Geological Survey, I am writing about the continental drift. I would like for you to think about accepting this idea. A scientists by the name Alfred Wegener had a theory.

He thought that all the continents were connected at one time to form one big continent called Pangea. He also said there was evidence to show that similar animals’ fossils were found on different continents. Plants fossils were found in rocks in climates were they could grow. I believe Wegener is correct in what he stated and if you keep reading, I will show you why he was correct.

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The only thing that Wegener was missing was the reason why the continents drift, plate tectonics will explain this.Wegner stated that the fossils of animals were found on continents were they do not live. Which proves that at one time they were connected as on land. An example would be the mesosaurs, this reptile was “found only in South America and Africa during the Permian period”, but their fossils are found on many continents . (“Continental Drift: Theory & Definition.

“) . Not only were similar fossils found, but fossils of animals from warm climates were found in cold climates(UCSB Science Line). You might think this is by chance, but I believe Wegener’s theory that the continents were all joined at one time because the fossils speak for themselves.Fossils from different plants were found in climates where it was not possible for them to grow. For example, “rocks in Alaska contain fossil palm tree leaves” (UCSB Science Line). Palm trees cannot grow in Alaska.

 How do you explain this. Do you think they had a hot summer one year and grew palm trees, I do not think this is possible. So, the only logical explanation to me is that the continents were all connected at one time and then drifted apart, just like Wegener said.Did you know that rocks from one mountain range on a one continent matches up almost perfectly to another continent? Wegner was able to show how “rocks on either side of the Atlantic Ocean” matched up like a puzzle (“Continental Drift: Theory & Definition.”). “For example, the Appalachian Mountains(United States) and Caledonian Mountains (Scotland) fit together, as do the Karroo strata in South Africa and Santa Catarina rocks in Brazil” (“Continental Drift: Theory & Definition.”).

Again, I ask you, how do you explain this if you do not believe Wegener. It makes since to me that at one time the continents were all together and now they are not.According to you, the US Geological Survey, around 200 million year ago, there was one big continent called Pangea. Wegener looked at the current continents and noticed that they looked like a puzzle. If you print off a map, cut them out and then put them together you would see they fit. Since you have published records supporting Pangea, what do you think happened.

( Wegener’s theory seems to be the only logical explanation.

Wegener was right in his theory, the only thing I think he was missing was the reason why the continents shifted. Scientist now have explained the reason to be because of Plate Tectonics. The theory of Plate tectonics says that the “Earth’s crust is fractured into rigid, moving plates.” (“Continental Drift: Theory & Definition.”). Magnetic testing done in the 1960s proved this. (“Continental Drift: Theory & Definition.

“). This theory helps to explain Wegener’s theory that the continents were all connected together and now they have drifted apart.I believe that the USGS should accept Alfred Wegener’s Theory about the continental drift. He was a well educated man and showed proof that fossils, both plant and animal lives were found on multiple continents and on continents were the climate was different. He also showed how rock formations and the continents themselves would fit together into one big puzzle.

 If this evidence wasn’t enough, then now we have plate tectonics to help explain scientifically how it is possible for continents to drift due to the Earth’s crust being made up of plates that are constantly moving. Please take into consideration Wegener’s theory and accepted as part of the USGS.Sincerely,Maya BouboulisWork CitedOskin, Becky. “Continental Drift: Theory & Definition.” LiveScience, Purch, 19 Dec. 2017, Science Line,

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