Dear semiconductor and biomedical industries, sensors, smart homes,

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Last updated: February 28, 2019

Dear Sir or Madam,I am very glad to applyfor a position in the Joint International Master in Smart Systems Integrationprogram. I have attended my B.Sc. degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineeringfrom American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB).

After learning a lotin my bachelor studies, now I wish to expand my technical knowledge of smartsystems and then turn my focus towards their wide-scale applications in mobilephones, automotive, semiconductor and biomedical industries, sensors, smarthomes, aerospace etc. I have found that the subject material covered by thecourse will best suit my career goals. What I learned in theundergraduate program in Electrical & Electronics Engineeringformed the root of my determination towards achieving a comprehensive knowledgein the field of Micro & Nano Systems Technology. I studied various subjectsrelating to diverse aspects of Electronics Engineering as a part of mydegree course which includes Electronic Devices, Analog &Digital Electronics, Digital Logic Design, VLSI Circuit Design, Control System etc.

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These subjects offered both depth and breadth across this field. Italso showed the importance of Electrical & Electronic Engineering and itsapplication based problems faced by the real world. I decided to study inEurope because I wanted to be a part of the graduate program at your institution.The development of Sensors and Actuators, Complex System Designing are some ofthe revolutionary works going on by the Department of Electrical Engineering atyour institution which perfectly match with the field of my interest. This hasmotivated me more to choose this course. I saw very prominentfaculties involved in extensive research in this area from the departmentwebsites. I shall certainly be able to exploit my potential to the fullest byworking under one of these notable faculties.

I am very confident that I cancontribute to the ongoing work at your department. I was actively involvedin the extra-curricular activities as well during these four years. I wantednot only to be a well-educated person but also to develop all the aspects of mypersonality. With determination, perseverance and hard work, I excelled in mygraduation with distinction. I was awarded two times Dean’s List Honor for myGPA in both Fall 2016-17 and Spring 2016-17 semesters. Besides, My Englishlanguage proficiency is good. I am planning to sit for IELTS exam very soon.

Fromthe very early days of my bachelor studies, I was focused to develop my skillsin building different projects and exploring new areas. That’s why Iparticipated in various seminars, workshops, robotics competitions arranged byvarious organizations and clubs of my university. Therefore, I strongly believethat my educational qualification and motive towards the subject matter makesme a suitable candidate for your program.I was under the guidanceof my seniors from the University of my own and as well as others. I learned alot from them.

I wanted to contribute to the society as well. I think it is ourduty as people to make our future better because the future is not only ours. Frommy seniors, I learned about a non-profitable engineering organization thatworked solely for the engineering students.

Their vision and mission matchedwith mine. That’s why I joined in that organization named Engineering StudentsAssociation Bangladesh (ESAB). At first, I started to work as a volunteer at myUniversity and later worked as one of the secretaries of that organization. Ilearned a lot about organizing skills working in that organization. I workedwith the best team and arranged several workshops and national events such asGlobal Robotics Challenge-2016, National Power Week-2016, Techfest BangladeshRounds-2016 etc.

I tried my best to learn as much as I can. I know, I have manylimitations and I need to learn a lot more. All I need is a chance to provemyself. Furthermore, I know thisscholarship will give me a big chance to work on innovative ideas. I ampositive that being able to study in Europe will widen my prospects and alsowill give me an opening to gain the world-class education. I would, therefore, feelobliged to be able to secure admission to your prestigious university with fullfinancial assistance and pursue my M.S.

program. I look forward to yourpositive response. Thank you for your time.Yours faithfully.Mohiuddin MahbubPassport No-BL0868960Student ID- 14-26593-2Department of Electrical & ElectronicEngineeringAmerican International University-Bangladesh (AIUB)Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh.Email- [email protected] 

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