Death death penalty undermines human dignity which is

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Last updated: May 22, 2019

Deathpenalty is the most discussed penalty.

There is much controversy as to whetherthis punishment is a fair form of punishment, in other words it is morallyright, and as to whether it acts as a deterrent to crime. Those who argue forthe capital punishment state that this form of punishment is enough to keeppeople from committing any more crimes, but also it serves as a correctionalmeans for prospective murderers who are not deterred by long term imprisonment.Death penalty also puts more weight on saving the lives of prospective victimsrather than preserving the lives of convicted murderers who may re-offend. Onecould also argue that, according to a widespread perception from Antiquityuntil now, the punishment should ‘fit the crime’ – that is  if you have killed someone, you should bekilled too.

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Furthermore, death penalty is the only just punishment for both pain and suffering and moral damages which they have unfairly suffered manyof the relatives and friends of the victims.             Amongst the most powerful argumentsmade by those who oppose to death punishment is the view that the death penaltyviolates the constitutional right of a human being: the right to life. It alsoviolates/defies the basic human right not to be subjected to torture and othercruel, inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment. Furthermore, the deathpenalty undermines human dignity which is inherent to every human being. According to the opponents of the death penalty, it couldcause incredible suffering and pain for the sentenced and degrades society as awhole where this form of punishment is allowed. Besides, it is not so certain thatthe death penalty stops people committing similar crimes. Furthermore, there isalways the risk of killing someone who is actually innocent.

            In my opinion, the arguments againstthe death penalty are much stronger that the arguments for it. Undoubtedly, some crimes require severepunishment. The human life is valuable and should be protected andpreserved at all cost; therefore, even the worst murderers should not be deprived of the value of their lives.  

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