Declaration of Independence Essay

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Declaration of Independence Document

What are the core values in this document? There are several values dictated by the Declaration of Independence. The first primary value gives the people unalienable rights.

The creator gave these rights hence one cannot change them. They include the right to life, right to pursue happiness and liberty. The citizens have the power to organize the government by either changing or abolishing the government. According to the constitution, people can form a new administration that would ensure the security and satisfaction of the people. The citizens should also be able to choose the kind of governance they would like in power and abolish one in which causes absolute unhappiness and suffering to the people.Does the U.

S. History up to 1877 Embody the Progress of these Values or a Betrayal of Them? The United States history shows the integration and the support of the values dictated in the Declaration of Independence. Explain.

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Several factors show how the history of the United States integrates the values in the Declaration of Independence. The first factor is the election of George Washington in 1789 as the first president of the United States. During his presidency, Washington upheld several values such as obeying the right to life and liberty after the 1794 rebellion where he summoned the rebels in a court to solve the issue instead of ordering war on them. The years after 1789 respected the value of people forming the government of their choice through the election of the presidents who existed since Washington’s presidency such as John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson among others. Another factor is the support for anti-slavery shown by most politicians after 1800. The politicians supported the idea of transporting back the slaves to a free nation such as Liberia.

The anti-slavery supporters argued that the slaves were human beings who had a right to liberty. They also argued that people should let the slaves pursue happiness by sending them back to Africa where they would settle comfortably. Work CitedDeclaration of Independence: A Transcription. (2017).

National Archives. Retrieved 

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