Deconstructing my video cover

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Last updated: April 4, 2019

My main image is of Tom Hanks thinking about something and is a close up of him on a chair. I used this because I thought it would arouse people’s attention as to what he is thinking about. The picture also shows Hess an authority figure because he is higher up than the rest of the people in the picture so you know he’s in charge and the grey dark colours show smoke and makes you wonder why its grey.

It also shows its an old image or is supposed to be an old image and could have possibly come from the war and so seems realistic.Also the expression on his face also appears at the beginning of the film on the beach. This shows us he’s looking at what happened and is trying to figure out why it happened. It also shows he’s shocked by what happened and maybe feels it shouldn’t have gone as far as it did.

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I think these images represent the film because they show the faces of the actors at the top so people recognise some of them and so go and see the film because they like the ones they know. The Oscar statue shows that the film is good as it says next to it that it won 5 of them.Then the picture at the bottom shows the team of soldiers going onto the beach and so shows that the film is about the D-Day landings so people know what the film is about. The central picture shows that the person in the centre of the picture is deep in thought and so shows it is a good film and so arouses people’s attention as to what is troubling him or what he’s thinking about. The fact that he’s higher up than everyone else in the picture shows he’s an authority figure it doesn’t actually show what rank he is until you look at the picture underneath it and look at his helmet in the picture and see he is a captain.So then you wonder whether he gets promoted or has that rank at the beginning and if he is promoted why and what it has to do with saving Private Ryan and whether it is him who is Private Ryan because the film starts off with the old man and goes from his face to Captain Millers face and makes us think he is private ryan who we are looking at and it is what he is remembering what he did in the war. But it is actually Private Ryan remembering what happened.

Tag line: ‘The Mission to reunite a family’is the tagline that I chose to put on my video cover. It was placed above the title so when or if people went to read who is in the film as it is blue they will notice it as its brighter than the grey so stands out and makes you look at it. It would interest people in the film because they will wonder what happened to the family and why they needed to be reunited and also maybe who private Ryan is and who plays him.Choice of wording and presentation of wording: I put the title in the middle between the two pictures as it split them up and I used two different colours to make it interesting to read and make it attract peoples attention. I said it had won awards by putting an Oscar statue next to it and put it in bright yellow font and size 16 font.

I did this so that people would notice it and it would attract their attention to the fact that it won 5 Oscar’s and so show it is a good film as not many films win 5 Oscars.Conclusion: I think the video cover does attract peoples attention and does the job it is supposed to do and does it well but it could be improved upon. If I had to do it again I would use a better printer to print the pictures so they came out in a better quality and also I would make the title bigger so it stands out more. I would also increase the size of the tag line slightly and also the actors names. But overall I am pleased with it and think it does its job well and is quite good.

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