. Decreased C.MEASURING FINANCIAL LITERACY Understanding of funding

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GENERAL INFORMATION:(Please tick the appropriate option)1.      Age (in years):    ¨   18-25    ¨   26-35    ¨   36-45    ¨   45 above2.      Are you :     ¨   Literate     ¨   Illiterate 3.      If literate, what is you educational background?    ¨   Primary education (1-6th  grade)    ¨   Secondary education (7th grade- 10th grade)    ¨   Tertiary education (university /college education)4.      What type of business are you in?    ¨   Manufacturing    ¨   Retail/wholesale    ¨   Service     ¨   Agri business    ¨   Other (please specify) ……………………….

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.5.      Mode of operation of business    ¨   Physical    ¨   Online    ¨   Both physical and onlineB. SUCCESS OF BUSINESS6.

      How long have you been in business?    ¨   0-5 years    ¨   6-10 years    ¨   11-15 years    ¨   15-20 years    ¨   Above 20 years7.      How many employees do you have?    ¨   Less than 10 employees    ¨   11-25 employees    ¨   26-50 employees    ¨   51-100 employees    ¨   Above 100 employees8.      State your revenue per annum( in rupees)    ¨   Less than  5,00,000    ¨   5,00,000-15,00,000    ¨   16,00,000-30,00,000    ¨   30,00,000 above9.      When you started your business what were the main obstacles you faced?(can select multiple options)    ¨   No obstacles    ¨   Resistance from family    ¨    A question of self confidence(believing in your abilities)    ¨   Financing difficulty    ¨    Balancing family and work life    ¨   Lack of information/ Advice on how to start an enterprise    ¨   Finding right contacts for your business venture    ¨   Others please specify ————————————————————10.  State briefly on how did you overcome the obstacles faced?——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————11.  Is the business positioned financially in a growth mode?    ¨   Yes    ¨   No12.  To what extent has your sales revenue changed in the last five years?    ¨    Highly Increased    ¨    Increased    ¨   Remained Constant    ¨    Decreased    ¨    Highly DecreasedC.MEASURING FINANCIAL LITERACYUnderstanding of funding sources and investments13.

  Do you operate a bank account for your business?    ¨   Yes    ¨   No14.  If you need extra finance for your business, are you aware of where you can get it?    ¨   Yes    ¨   No15.  If yes, what is the major source of finance for your enterprise?    ¨   Commercial banks    ¨   Venture capitalists    ¨   Government agencies    ¨   family    ¨   Micro finance    ¨   Other(Please specify)16.  Are you aware of the requirements of commercial banks in lending money to your business?    ¨   Yes    ¨   No17.  Other than loans, are you able to access other bank products for your business.(credit cards, bill payment service, fixed deposits)    ¨   Yes    ¨   No18.  Do you invest the surplus cash/ retained income of your business?(yes/no).

If yes where would u like to invest?    ¨   Market security    ¨   Commercial banks    ¨   Government bonds    ¨   Chit funds    ¨   other Financial planning, budgeting and control (please select appropriate option by ticking the column)    Always    Often Sometimes      Rarely Never 19.  Do you use a budget to track spending in your business?           20.  Do you compare your financial objectives to your business performance periodically?           21.  Do you prepare a written annual budget of income and expenditure for your business?             Record keeping  22.  What type of records do you maintain? (can select multiple options)    ¨   Sales book    ¨   Purchases book    ¨   Expenses book    ¨   Stock book    ¨   Debtors book    ¨   Creditors book    ¨   Cash book    ¨   None 23.  Are the monthly financial statements prepared( P&L and balance sheet)?    ¨   Yes     ¨   No 24.

  Do you record the transactions manually or use a computer (excel /software) to record it?    ¨   Manually    ¨    Use a Computer Understanding of business terminology:25.  Do you understand the following terms?(Tick those options you are aware of)    ¨   Collateral    ¨   Taxes    ¨   Insurance    ¨   Stock market    ¨   Credit card    ¨   Hire purchase    ¨   Inflation rate    ¨   Interest rate    ¨   Exchange rates    ¨   Assets and liabilitiesRisk management26.  Is your business insured against risk?    ¨   Yes    ¨   NoBasic finance related questions- 27.  High inflation means the cost of living is increasing rapidly     ¨   True     ¨   False 28.  Time value of money indicates that     ¨   A unit of money obtained  today is worth more than a unit of money obtained in future     ¨   A unit of money obtained today is worth less than a unit of money obtained in future     ¨   There is no difference in the value of money obtained today or tomorrow     ¨   None of the above.

29.  The return which the company pays on borrowed funds is termed as     ¨   Dividend     ¨   Interest     ¨   Bonus     ¨   All of the above 30.  Current assets are also referred to as     ¨   Working capital     ¨   Investments     ¨   Inventory     ¨   Livestock 31.  Suppose you have some money.

Is it safer to put your money into one business or investment ,or into multiple businesses or investments?     ¨   One business or investment     ¨   Multiple business or investments     ¨   Don’t know                THANKYOU!     

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