Defense of Poetry Quiz

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Last updated: December 11, 2019
metaphor of Percy Shelley

metaphor of poems

time capsule of info, outlives poet

Two Aspects of Mind
Reason and imagination

Wind Harp Metaphor
mind= harp; wind= experience, source of inspiration, life; sound= poetry

Fading Coal Metaphor
coal=mind, imagination; fire= nurturing; light/heat=poetry

Child’s Spontaneous Song
openness, naivety, attitude of poet is like the child

poetry is highest form of art because
it is closest to thought

Poets unacknowledged legislators of world because
they must put themselves in other people’s shoes

Imagination makes people better

Four Ages of Poetry
not linear history, metaphoric, different types of poetry

nostalgia, anarchy, romantics, tie of cultural decay, call back to earlier ages, look forward to destruction, Shelley

greatest imaginative freedom, greatest poets, Shakespeare (product of Elizabethan England), depend on audience as much as being great poet, homer

limited science, technology, cultural progress, Virgil (expansion of Rome), Alexander Pope

Pay to flatter, commercials, advertisements

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