Democracy other countries, especially in the western world,

is a relatively old system of government which has been around in the United
States for over the last two centuries. The United States is recognized to be
the first country in the modern history of the world to adopt a democratic
constitution. The unique democratic aspects about the American constitution was
in regard to its enormous empowerment of all American citizens regardless of
their social, ethnic or racial background in having a say on the direction of
the country as well as the choice of their leaders from the federal to local
level. Since the emergence of democratic constitution and institutions as a
system of governance in the United States, many other countries, especially in
the western world, have adopted it. The economic success of the countries that
adopted this system of government has also helped in convincing countries in
other parts of the world to embrace democratic forms of government. Democracy
is a system of government whereby all the eligible citizens of a given country
are all given an equal opportunity to have a say in decisions that affect their
lives. Participation of citizens in a democracy can either be directly or
indirectly through elected representatives on various issues such as the
proposal, development, and creation of laws. The United States has for a long
time been at the forefront of advocating for the spread and adoption of
democracy in many countries around the world through various interventions.
Despite the role of America in the development and spread of democracy across
the world, there have been heated debates at home over the nature of the
American democracy. The debates have arisen over various issues in America’s
political and institutional systems including inconsistencies, and
non-democratic practices and outcomes. This paper is an argument on why the
United States is not a full democracy in its full sense based on various
aspects of the country political system.


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