Dengue Health, 2016). Death cases were also recorded

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Last updated: August 27, 2019

Dengueis a virus caused by the mosquito bites. Aedes agepty one of the speciesthat spread the dengue illness and it is transmitted by female mosquito. Dengueillness is a very dangerous illness because it can cause of dead for whom whoget this virus (World Health Organization, 2017). Dengue illness is increase dramaticallyyear by year. Based on the world’s population, 50% of themlive under the threat of dengue; this is responsible for approximately 390million infections globally per year (Takeda, 2015). In Malaysiaalso, this illness are keep increasingly, not only in abroad.

There is an increasecases reported in Malaysia in 2014 to 2015 which is from 108 to 835 cases peryear (DG of Health, 2016). Death cases were also recorded during the sameperiod of which 215 to 336 deaths, an increase of 56.2 % (DG of Health, 2016).             However, for whom who get dengueillness, there is no specific treatment for this virus. So that, people shouldprevent from get this illness because it is very difficult to treat. Therefore,personal protection and the environmental management of mosquitoes areimportant in preventing illness.

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Every person should know about the dengue, thesymptoms of dengue fever, and how to prevent from affecting dengue. There is alot of program and advertisement about the dengue prevention in media, but someof us just ignore it. Human behavior is the most important contributor toprevent from the spread of the mosquito populations. Impact on prevention andcontrol of the dengue is cause by belief, social demographic characteristicsand practices among people (Wong et al., 2014).             Moreover,some actions have been taken by the City Council to prevent from mosquito populationsuch as Ultra Low Volume fogging to places where were reported have denguecases.

Noted that married person take more serious towards dengue prevention compared to singlepeople (Wong et al., 2017). Some of the practices taken by the community toprevent from dengue illness are include eliminates standing water, bed nets,cuts down bushes, and cleans water filled containers (Nur Ain et al., 2017).Apart from that, attitudes and knowledge also associated with dengueprevention. From attitude and knowledge, it will attract people to preventdengue.             This study is to identify andunderstand about the factors that contribute to dengue prevention amongcommunity in Perak.

It is well known that Perak is the third state which wasreported as the highest case of dengue from all 14 states in Malaysia. 

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