Depression while. That is why I consider reading

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Last updated: May 13, 2019

           Depression is a seriouspsychological disease that requires immediate treatment. There are many activeways to help people overcome depression. One of the most effective ways to beatit is reading self-help books. Therapists have stated that 45% of depressedpeople get over their problems by reading those books. Reading can beconsidered as a kind of meditation and a stress reliever since it gets yourmind off things for a while. That is why I consider reading as a good escapismfrom reality.

Consequently, one of the most beautiful self-help books that haschanged my life entirely for two main reasons is ” The Secret” written byRhonda Byrne.         The first main reason that has been discussedin the book and has helped me greatly is negativity and its impact on us.Nowadays, there are a lot of negative and pessimistic people who always expectthe worst to happen. In other words, expecting the worst can make what I fearto really happen.

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To emphasize, Rhonda Byrne has stated that ” your thoughtsbecome things.” Moreover, being negative will always put me in a gloomy mood tothe extent I will not be able to enjoy my life. According to the law “likesattract likes” by Rhonda Byrne ; therefore, it explains why when my mood issorrowful, I always remember the bitter memories as I think negatively Iattract negative thoughts. However, if I am optimistic and always hoping forgreat things to happen, then amazing things will definitely happen the way Ihave hoped for. Rhonda Byrne has stated that “if you are feeling good , it isbecause you are thinking good thoughts.

“To put it differently, thinkingpositively will help me to attract positive thoughts.                                                             The second mainreason that has been discussed in the book is in order to be happy I have to begrateful . Feeling satisfied and happy with yourown life will definitely help you to fulfill your dreams. Rhonda Byrne has said”Inner happiness actually is the fuel of success.” As in illustration,happiness is a great motivational feeling that will always push me forward in myown path towards success. Actually researches have proved that gratefulness ishappiness. In that case, being grateful will help me to think differently, so Iwill see the world from a positive perspective. Maybe I am too busy complainingabout the bad things in my life to notice the good things.

For instance,Rhonda Byrne has said in her book “As you beginto think about all the things in your life you are grateful for, you will beamazed at the never ending thoughts that come back to you of more things to begrateful for.” In fact, I’m  blessed forhaving a good health ,a loving family, true friends, a roof above my head, andwarm meals every day. Accordingly, feeling grateful is one of the most essentialsteps towards success.

That is because showing gratitude will always put me ina good mood ; therefore, I will work efficiently.             To sum up, “the secret” written byRhonda Byrne is a masterpiece that has helped me in my life for two mainreasons. It has helped me to be positive and grateful so that I can not only behappy but also successful.  I think thatself-help books have a great impact on our own thinking as it is capable ofchanging it completely in a positive way.   

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