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Last updated: April 9, 2019

I entered the room at nine forty five; I could sense the activity that had taken place in the room, knowing that I will have to put my skills to pass this stage. The officer pointed at my seat, as I walked towards my seat, the adrenaline in my body was building and my face portrayed the image of fear. I had been waiting for this encounter for a year, and soon it would be right in front of my eyes. As the exam papers were handed out, an urge of sickness filled in my stomach.

The day had come, where I had to come face to face with my enemy. This was not just a test of my knowledge but an indication of my future.The room was enclosed with walls indicating that there was no way out, the scent of the room reminded me of the London dungeon. I was now in complete isolation and no one but me could write on this dependant paper that may well decide my future, the exam boards clear instructions were read out, one little peak to the side to glance at a fellow student, or there work would result in the exclusion of my paper also taking my career. The clock was moving fast. Without prior notice, the examination officer vocalized that the exam had started. I looked upon the first question; I felt more confident.

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I checked my solutions several times, as I was checking; a song came to my mind, I was distracted by the love of music. It reminded me at the fact that the whole exam was about rhythm which would keep me answering question after question. My composure grew better as time grew due to this mischievous idea. I was by now half way through my assignment and the clock was ticking, my heart sunk, I didn’t want to make a mistake at this point of the assignment. As I looked towards the other candidates, I realised that they were all afraid, from that point my eager to do well amplified.I looked up at the stringent officer, standing tall and looking down at me, which gave me an indication of how people will look down at me in life if I did not do well on this paper. This determination enforced me to take the upper hand of this exam; even when my senses warned me to take a break. I had sat in the scorching heat for almost an hour, my mind demanded an exit to the door of the room but I realised that that there was no way out, and that this was my last chance and that my life depended on it.

At this point, I was three quarters through the exam and I started to lose concentration. I looked upon the nineteenth question, I was confused on a question that I had never come across, after all that hard work; I could miss out on a question which would stop me from getting an A but as I was correcting the answer I was given a dirty grin from the examination officer, my anger upon the examination officer made me eager to get full marks. I was now on my last question, ‘Yes’ I thought to myself, the exam had been completed.I felt very proud of myself, I was confident that I had done enough. The rush in my heart was starting to ease and I was getting that sense of satisfaction, the wondrous feeling you receive when achieving a goal, I gazed upon the clock, there was time remaining.

I quickly checked all the answers except from one. I had no clue upon this question. I was helpless and with ten minutes remaining, I had to act quickly so I wrote the best possible solution that suited the question.There was five seconds left on the clock, I was looking at the clock as it went from five, four, three, two, and one. The examination officer stood up to collect the exams, time was up and the work was done.

It was time to leave; I had one last good look upon the room and wishing to forget this entire nightmare. I had finally escaped the secure prison like unit, then examination officer escorted me to the exit door, I was free at last, and it was time to leave the city.

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