Design and build an electrical toy for children aged 5 years and over

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Last updated: April 20, 2019

I intend to design and build an electrical toy for children aged 5 years and over. Children enjoy playing with electrical toys especially electrical pets, electrical cars and electrical trains. However having performed a study into the types of electrical toys on the market I have found a few that as to my knowledge do not exist. So I believe there is a need for a fresh idea in the electrical toy industry. The marketable product I intend to design and build will probably be made of plastic and/or wood with some form of a system inside.Section Two: ResearchIdeas1. A remote controlled ‘low-rider’ car.

2. A Scalextric ‘Smoke Start’ System.3. A mobile.4. An electrical gear ratio demonstrator.5. A pull-back car with lights working on a dynamo.

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6. A remote controlled racing car.7. A toy car launcher.8.

A mechanised pinball machine.9. A mechanised fruit machine.

10. A mechanised ‘ball’ game.Explanation of My IdeasA Remote Controlled ‘Low-rider’ CarThis is a car that is powered by batteries. The controller would be on a lead attached to the car.

A button or some sort of trigger would be on the controller to activate the motor in the car similar to the type used in Hornby Railway trains and Scalextric cars. The ‘Low-rider’ suspension will either be a very simple form of hydraulics or gas. There would simply be a small cylindrical type of pump attached to the controller with a pipe travelling along the same lead as the accelerator control. When it reaches the car it will then be evenly separated between the four wheels and the car will rise and fall like an old American style ‘Low-rider’.UseThis toy will be used in the entertainment of young children who are interested in motorised vehicles.A Scalextric ‘Smoke Start’ SystemThis will be a special section of track that fits in with normal Scalextric track.

There will be a set of lights that are set to work in synchronisation with the smoke system. The rear wheels of the car will be lifted off the track so they rest on rollers. The rollers will emit smoke of some sort when they are spun. Then as the final green light is turned on and the cars will be dropped from the rollers so that they speed off round the track.UseThis special section of track will be used as an addition to a normal Scalextric circuit to increase the tense feeling before a race.A MobileThis will be an entertainment item that hangs from the tops of a cot or ceiling. It will be powered by an electric motor and will spin gently to help young children get to sleep.UseThis will be used as an aid to help youngsters calm down and sleep and also for their own personal entertainment.

This means that it would have to be very aesthetically pleasing and soothing to the mind.An Electrical Gear Ratio DemonstratorThis will be some sort of learning aid that children will also find fun to play with. It will basically be an assortment of gears linked to show you how moving one gear could make another gear move faster or slower.UseThis will be used to demonstrate to individuals who have very little knowledge of ratios and how to adjust them.

A Pull-Back Car with Lights Working On a DynamoThis will be a car with a pull-back mechanism and lights attached to a dynamo that will be on one of the axles.UseThis will be used simply to entertain young children.A Remote Controlled Racing CarThis is a car that is powered by batteries. The controller would be encased in a small plastic box with buttons on one face. All the wires involved with the controller will travel to the car via a rubber tube where they will be connected to a PCB which will be the central control section of the toy.

The toy will be decorated to look like one of today’s modern racing cars.UseThis will be used simply to entertain young children.A Toy Car LauncherThis will be a small plastic box with one open face in which a small CORGI style car is placed. There will be a small runner on the bottom of the box which is powered by a motor and grips the underside of the car.

Then as a button is pressed the motor is started and it launches the car out of the docking port inside the box.UseThis will be used simply to entertain young children and add more depth to things to do with their toy cars.A Mechanised Pinball MachineThis will simply be an ordinary pin ball machine with moving parts which flick and toss the ball. These moving parts will be powered by motors concealed underneath the decorative platform on which the ball rolls.UseThis will be used for the entertainment of individuals of all ages and also to entertain groups of people.Specifications* Must be battery operated.* Must be able to be operated by any average intelligence child aged seven and up.

* Batteries or form of power supply must last a minimum of fifteen minutes.* Must not exceed weight of 10kgs.* Must have at least one working system inside.* Must not be radio control.

* Must be able to fit inside a box at maximum of 75x75x75 centimetres.* Must not be messy. E.g. Leak Fluids or Powders.* Tires must be made of rubber or another material coated in rubber in order to grip surfaces efficiently.

ResearchToys have been manufactured for thousands of years, the Romans had the first toys and these were usually wooden solid dolls without moving parts. However as time went on toy cars were invented with moving wheels.The British Association of Toy Retailers (BATR) deduces a toy of the year and has been doing so since 1965. These are their criteria.Toy of the Year AwardsThe BATR prestigious Toy of the Year awards are presented annually at a special awards dinner held during the British International Toy Fair at Olympia in January.

The judges are members of the BATR Council and the criteria is that the product should have proved very popular in the past year and excited some interest in the toy market both with customers and retailers. The winner should have sales success and ‘star quality’, but does not have to be the top selling toy. Rubik’s Cube, Turtles and Tracy Island were in fact in short supply when they won. In other words, what the judges are looking for is the toy that makes the most impact on the UK toy market during the past year.The most recent winner of this award was the ‘Furby’ by Tiger Electronics.The ‘Furby’ is an interactive furry ‘species’ of animal. It speaks ‘Furbish’ and gradually learns English as you ‘teach’ it. The sensor on its forehead picks up light rays.

If there is no light the ‘Furby’ ‘falls asleep’. It can also eat when you place your finger or anything else on its tongue. This was a great toy however I believe it was more of a craze as it went in and out of fashion quite quickly. It does not really compare to great toys like the Rubik’s Cube which are still very popular today.

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