Interior Design

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Graphic Design is a creative, well paying, career that allows people to design projects that reflect the designers personality. Design is about making something easy to use or easy to understand. There are many different types of designers, graphic designers being one of them. It is a really important job to get a message to get across to the audience. In order to become a successful graphic designer, there are

Animator SummaryAn Animator is an artist who creates special

Animator SummaryAn Animator is an artist who creates special effects, animation, or other visual images. They work with film, video, computers, or other electronic tools and media for use in film, television, computer games, music videos, and commercials. Animators Use computers to design graphics and animation. They also Use computer animation programs to create two- and three-dimensional images showing objects in motion. They also need to Adjust light, color, texture,

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EnergyExercise is essential for us to stay healthy and fit to be able to live the longest happiest life possible! There are 11 major muscle groups and 7 essential nutrients that are important to focus on in order to stay healthy and be the best selves we can be. The first major muscle group is quadriceps. The quadriceps are located in your thigh. We have 4 major muscles that make

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Pythonis a powerful computer programming language which is general-purposeinterpreted , object-oriented, and high-level language. Guido van Rossum inventedPython language during 1985- 1990. The source code of python is also easilyaccessible under the GNU General Public License (GPL).It has some resemblanceto Fortan which is one of the old programming language but python is much morepowerful than Fortan. Python permits us to use variables even without declaringthem that is it allows us

Assessment Methods

Assessment is a crucial part of the learning process. It enables teachers to understand students have learned, and shows whether the subject has been taught well and if not, how teaching methods can be altered to improve learning outcomes. To assess thoroughly we need to check each student??™s knowledge, functional skills, practical skills and attitude to learning. Assessment should take place regularly throughout the learning process (formative assessment) and then

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