Despite Counting these problems, all actions of ethical hackers,

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Last updated: June 20, 2019

Despiteincreasing cyber attacks, we can find that not all hackers are terrible people.

Some of them are helping to find the truth, which is hidden and we cannot see.However, opinion is true that others want to steal all your personalinformation and money, which they trade to interested in it humans. A smallpart of users can understand that the biggest percentage of hacking is becauseof their own mistakes as they press unknown link or they go to unofficial sitewith viruses. The problems with stealing bank details named as credit or debitcards are so popular in our days, because every third man or woman has asituation, where has been stolen their bank details. This information we canread from official site of Federal Bureau of Investigation in United States of America.Other users and hackers are afraid of government special forces of hacking,when “Big Brother” always see and look for you, that Edward Snowden reported tomankind.

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This essay will identify the versatile and an expanded opinion abouthackers and cyber attacks and different types of hackers. The issues presentedinclude “black hat” and “white hat” hackers, government conspiracy and methodshow we can prevent future threat of hacking in virtual reality. Counting theseproblems, all actions of ethical hackers, reasons government monitors us andintents of cyber attacks will be evaluated. Body paragraphs.             Some people believe that all hackersand users, who wants to hack something, are prisoners. Nevertheless, they donot want to find out the trueness of their theory. As we can view from news andother media sources, several groups of hackers show politicians corruption and arbitrarinessof authorities, who has huge accounts in banks. If were interested in thistopic, you should know more about “white hat” hackers named as ethical hackers.

They craft new types of protection, they preclude cyber criminals, who wants tomake an ugly business in Internet. This class of IT specialists often works ina huge corporations and in government security. For example, in UnitedKingdom’s newspaper named as “The Telegraph’ I found that top hackers earn around100 000 pounds a year. Notwithstanding,if you want to get the same price for your job like “hacker”, first, you needto graduate University’s program, secondly, you must have your own professionalskills, which you can keep with years of practise. When you walk on a street,in your daily life you can see different physical objects like tables on trainplatforms, traffic lights, cars and house appliances. With growing populationinternet of things the growing of hacker’s population is in geometricprogression. Experts must choose on which side they want to continue theirwork.

            Nevertheless, the most part of these masters makes harmfuland ugly aught. The ghostly and grisly side of gaining unallowed access to info in a system or computer is apart of all of them with which we need to fight. More than a half of them arepsychologists and cheaters, who cannot get your personal files without your fallacy.

For instance, Dr. Benenson from Friedrich-Alexander University indicated that mostof us can easily forget a mail with the unknown link, which 45 percent ofuniversity’s participants has clicked. When deceivers found your misstep theywill take all what you have in online and offline mode. However, we can beready to protect our secrecy. Certain part of computer engineers created variousmethods to defend them. These processes are double verification with anelectronic mail and short message service on your smartphone.

The ninety-nineout of a hundred banks produced special application on telephones, where youcan control your details and see when and on which devise was the last sign-in.It will help you and guardians to return it, if you lost everything. Keeper ison the side of kindness, he will catch them and present to the court.

            When we hear that allcountries are spying in our lives, we could say that it is not expediently totrust in this theory. Nevertheless, strange men for the most part were right,when they told about administration and their desire. The former CentralIntelligence Agency workman Edward Snowden disclosed United States of America’sbackroom.

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