Develop to the stockholders while still maintaining quality

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Last updated: December 27, 2019

Develop innovatingand good quality milk powder that meets the strong demands and expectations ofcurrent and future customers. CBS International hasan excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction and never hadcompromised on the quality and the services that are been provided.CBS Internationalsells dairy products of the highest quality to provide to its customers with asafe and healthy food choicesImprove the productivity and profitability of CBSINTERNATIONAL products through actions of supply.Supervision and training in close collaboration with CBSINTERNATIONAL national and international partners.Expand its sales worldwide within 1 year period.

To have KINGS KUMAproducts in every home in Australia and the world.To offer anaffordable solution to health care by engaging in sustainable practices andanticipating the needs of our customers.To maximize return tothe stockholders while still maintaining quality in our products.

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ØMarket share of about???% in 2016 – 2017Ø CBS Internationalhas ???% of milk market share (international)Ø 2009 – 2017  CBS International revenues went to anaugmentation of ???% Ø Diversity andinnovative packaging of CBS International dairy products are a part of itsstrategyØ Communicate withdifferent consumer categories such as Families, elderly, diabeticsØ End of yeardiscountsØ Products controlformulaØ Regular delivery andregional diversityØ MerchandisingØ Build on customerand brand loyaltyØ CBS Internationalestablishing a central idea that enhances its distinctiveness towardcompetition for its high quality and excellent taste.Ø Kings KUMA productsfit their customer’s needs. Ø Kings KUMA productsare free of any added chemicals or artificial ingredients with competitiveprices and innovative design•High Traffic location•Many Return customers•Customer satisfaction, positive feedback in social media•Regional diversity•Supply milk powder cheaper in Victoria market•Expanding regions along Victoria and Sydney•Depending on word of mouth and website•Low margin region for milk powder •Cost of shipping•Build on customer and brand loyalty•Increasing use of social media•Marketing or product innovations to restore profitability•Demand for dairy products globally is strong•Good reputation for Australia/NSW products•Competition is increasing•  Expense of running media ads• Difficulty to compete with other brands especially in infantformula• Focus on value will remain – limits ability to restore profit margins• Fragmentation/lack of capacity to access global markets ü High Quality with nochemicals or artificial ingredientsü Great tasteü Brand Recognitionespecially international (China, Hong Kong, Vietnam)ü Affordable andcompetitive pricesü  Diversity and Innovationü  Competitive pricesü High qualityaccording to Australian and China StandardsüüThe main goal is toachieve a high brand equityü CBS International isaiming to reach high customers awareness through using an adequate marketingplanningü CBS International isaiming to undergo a well-known brand and a reference for its dairy products in2018ü CBS International istargeting the expansion and the growth of the company domestically andinternationally by:§  achieving ???%market share at theend of 2018 §  increasing the sales volume by ??% in the coming 5 years§  reaching 90% customer satisfaction in thecoming 2 years§  building a good relationship with  distributors, wholesalers, retailers acrossAustralia and worldwide§  targeting a large market segmentgeographically especially in urban and rural areas across Australia Regional extensionüChange the packagingof Kings KUMA infant formula and making them more attractive and easy torecognize by every customerü Reduce the prices inorder Kings KUMA products become available at any point of purchase and toposition them as the smart choice for dairy products consumptionü  Provide informative advertising on TV inorder to create brand recognition in the mind of potential customersü Press release infamily magazines and word of mouth strategy in order to achieve publicity ü Gathering and analyzing information aboutproducts and customers in order to meet the market demands and changesü Providing to ourcustomer’s sales support ü Allocation of stocksü2% bonuses to wholesalers depending on the number of theirsalesü Discounts on largepurchaseüCheck if Kings KUMAquality meet the market standards and take corrective actions ü Check the outcomesof the pricing tactics if they are efficient and if they are not actions suchas review the pricing strategy ü Control and performthe standards that meet effectiveness, value, efficiency

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