Developing laws. I will also explore the effect

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Developing an advocacy campaign- Part I1Obesity has been said to be “the result oflong-term energy imbalances, where daily energy intake exceeds daily energyexpenditure. Along with long-term health problems, obesity in children may alsobe associated with psychosocial problems, including social marginalization, lowself-esteem, and impaired quality of life”. (Canoy & Bundred, 2011).

 Obesity is slowly becoming a globalpredicament. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are over45% of people in the world suffering from obesity. America, Asia, and Africarecord the highest obesity prevalence rates respectively. Goran (2017) educatesthat the two main types of obesity are childhood and adult obesity. Childhoodobesity is significantly on the rise and is believed to be a direct predicateto adult obesity.

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Medical practitioners and nutritionists advocate for relevantmeasures be adopted towards ensuring themitigation of childhood obesity. The provisions of this campaign align towardsadvancing the need for sensitization, awareness, and policy planning andimplementation as potential prospects for mitigating childhood obesityObesity remains a risingproblem with adults and children. In the first part of “developing an advocacycampaign” I looked at some crusades currently being used to help to cut therate of obesity. In this paper, part two of developing an advocacy campaign, Iwill look at the possibility of the working on my proposed policy if enactedthrough a change of a current law or the enacting of a new laws.

I will also explorethe effect of current laws on my advocacy efforts. I will round up by providinga study of the approaches I might use to impact lawmakers and policymakers insupporting my policy, by using the “three legs” of lobbying in my advocacyefforts. Alteration of a current law or rule: More than 165 million schoollunches were served last year (United States Department of Agriculture Food andNutrition Service USDA, 2017).

In 2012 when the USDA planned that school lunchesare obligated to be healthier in the provision of more fruits and vegetablesand less fat. This has led to the decrease in obesity rate in children. The Texas Department ofEducation has implemented a program “TheNational School Lunch Program (NSLP) is a federally assisted meal program thatprovides lunches to more than 3 million Texas children in school andresidential child care institutions” that was started by the federal government. The NSLP serves healthy, low-cost or free food to pupils inthe community and non-profit private schools in Texas.

This act requires that lunchesmust meet federal nutrition guidelines, and are reimbursable. It also entailsthe Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) conducting anAdministrative Review (AR) of School Nutrition Programs (SNP) not less than once every three years. A newfederal requirement is that the AR conducts”specified parts of the review off-site and others on-site” (Russell 2010). I would choose to change the Nationalschool lunch program. I will do this by amending the program as a requirementfor all public schools.

Doing this may lead to the reduction of obesityincidence in, children. Incorporating the “let’s move” campaign which wasstarted by Michelle Obama to get children healthier and reduce obesity would bean added incentive to the lunch program. The campaign provides data on the degreeof obesity and ways of becoming healthier in eating habits and exercising.The three key elements of the “Three Legs” of Lobbying are:·       Direct Lobbying·       Political Action Committee (PAC)·       GrassrootsDirect Lobbying involves directcontact with your legislator initiatingrelationships with your legislator and their key staff to discuss yourproblem.  The lobbyist is in charge of knowing the problems and theopposite sides of the issue.  Political Action Committee, allowsyou to perform an important role insupporting legislators that back your issues.

 Knowing that PAC money ishard to raise, makes it vital to spend sensibly.Grassroots has been adjudged themost vital of the lobbying process. This shows evidence of support from the business community on aspecific issue. This involves identifying key influential members of yourorganization and making them get in touch with the legislator.  Theseindividuals because of their contribution to the legislator’s re-electioncampaign are already known to the community and the legislator.Summary  Childhood obesity is a health concern that is significantly on the rise.

There needs to be appropriate measures and approaches to mitigate theprevalence of childhood obesity in any population. Medical, health and management stakeholders have apivotal role to play in coming up with valid remedies for alleviating childhood obesity. The advocacycampaign provides relevant processes and steps to be undertaken in lobbying forthe formulation, adoption, and implementation of policies that solve thechildhood obesity health concern. The main measuresinclude public education, sensitization, and draftingmandatory monitoring programs.

Ultimately, each action is based on ethical considerations and the provisions of the ANAcode of ethics.  ReferencesBerkowitz,B., Borchard, M., (January 31, 2009) “Advocating for the Prevention ofChildhood Obesity: A Call to Action for Nursing” OJIN: The OnlineJournal of Issues in Nursing Vol. 14, No.

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