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Last updated: May 24, 2019

Dhumal et al., 2014) Ready to use,fast cooking and instant foods have become very common largely due to today’sfast life style and the demand for swift serving. The basic purpose of thisstudy is to to put together several nutrients in the desired quantity andimpart the organoleptic qualities through the use of appropriate process andtechnology at an acceptable cost for readily available high protein food.(Rawat and Darappa, 2015) Bars are ideal interms of nutrient accessibility because of compactness, palatability, and ease.Bars are comparatively free from microbial spoilage, have longer shelf lifebecause of low moisture content.

Such ready to eat products are easy to utilizefunctional nutrients. All these reasons further motivated the development ofready to eat food industry. Cereal bars are the good source of energy, rich infiber, protein, vitamins, antioxidants an instant food that is highlynutritious. The bars are often fortified using a wide range of proteins, fibersor energy-rich ingredients and all the bars focused on two factors one ishealth and convenience available in market.(Purwanti et al., 2010) The increasingawareness of healthy foods which can offer convenience, desirable sensorycharacteristics and all necessary nutrients as specified in the recommendeddaily allowances has led to a constant search for and development of products.

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Due to the growing trend among consumers for healthy, natural and conveniencefoods, it is crucial to developed snack foods with high nutritional value(protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber) and different technologies that providethe required functionality. Taste and texture are key points to the generalconsumers who are concerned about their health and wellness. On the other side,the functions of foods which target several health objectives are important toprofessional athletes and fitness followers.

         (Srebernich et al., 2016) the quest for a healthier lifeassociated with fast and practical ways of eating has led to a continuoussearch for alternative products that can offer both convenience and nutritionalbalance. The ingestion of a balanced diet is the most effective and the safestway to avoid, or even correct, health problems like diabetes, malnutrition,obesity and heart disease.

As a consequence of these conditions, change ineating habits resulting from introduction of new foods on the market, withresulting in increased demand and consumption of healthy, nutritious safefoods. Amongst these includes cereal bars with of different types, flavors andnutritional compositions, which are among the products which had a highergrowth in the food sector. Also they do not require any additional preparationand can be commercialized in individual packages.

    (Srebernich et al., 2016) The cerealbars can offer high concentrations of fibers, vitamins and minerals beingpractical and convenient way to ingest nutrients considered essential for agood organic functioning and thus preventing and controlling certainpathologies such as obesity, cancer, diabetes, among others. In turn, theindustry looks for new ingredients that can meet the demands of the consumermarket with nutritional quality associated with benefits to health. Indeveloping new products, it is essential to optimize parameters such as shape,color, appearance, flavor, texture and consistency, as well as the interactionof different components in order to achieve fully balanced results inexceptional quality and acceptability. These foods should be pleasant and mustgive satisfaction to the consumer. Thus, the development of new products is ofvital importance for the survival of most companies and is closely related tothe needs and consumer trends.

The consumers tend to become more selective anddemanding when choosing the brands at their disposal. Therefore, industriesneed to innovate and develop products that anticipate these needs to surprisethe consumer and win the market ahead of the competition Supported in theseaspects the industry has started investing in research aimed at developing newformulations of cereal bars that could meet the demands of the consumer market.       (Boustani and Mitchell, 1990) Commerciallynumerous kinds of bars are available, such as meal replacement bars, barstargeted to the nutritional needs of diabetics, women and children (Krishnan etal., 1987) high-protein, high fiber, high calorie, mineral and vitaminrich, bars with functional additives such as prebiotic, etc. They have alsobecome popular because of the health benefits associated with them. Consumeropinion and found many respondents associated the bars with health foods, andclaimed ‘healthiness’ along with ‘taste’, as a reason for buying.    (Srebernich et al.

, 2016) Product developers face many challengeswhen producing nutritional bars; ingredients must meet specific nutritionalrequirements and the final product should meet consumers need for convenienceand health benefits. For this reason, formulators must choose the right mix ofingredients to create products with desirable sensory attributes andnutritional value associated with health criteria for the specific type of bar.Although numerous formulations/receipts have been made until now, for some ofthe bars on the market acceptable taste is not yet achieved. Such products willnot be successful as one of the best ways to increase consumer loyalty is goodtaste, otherwise and product will die on the shelf regardless how healthy itmight be.

In processing new products, it is crucial tooptimize both sensory properties (appearance, color, flavor, texture), andfunctional properties of the various components (to provide the perfectbalance) for proper acceptability and exceptional quality. Therefore, theimprovement of new products is a key factor for the survival of many businessesand is closely dependent upon the demands and consumer preferences.Numerous studies have shown that diets richin whole grains are associated with a decreased risk of a number of chronicdiseases such as type II diabetes, coronary heart disease, and certain cancers.Foods rich in dietary fiber like whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetablestend to be a rich source of many other health promoting components such asvitamins, minerals, trace elements, phytochemicals and antioxidants.

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