diary,Today running, the cops got me in just

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Last updated: September 21, 2019

diary,Today was the weirdest of my life!! I was walking down the street, when a pair of shoes landed on top of me! I recognised them immediately, they were the extremely expensive shoes that belonged to my favourite famous sporter. I asked my parents to give me those as a birthday present but I never got them because they cost way too much money. When I got up from the ground, I started running because I heard sirens.

Too bad I suck at gymnastics and running, the cops got me in just a few seconds. They arrested me and took me to my parents. That same day you could find me in court. The judge pleaded me guilty, even though I wasn’t. He asked me if I wanted to go to Camp Green Lake, or if I wanted to go to jail. I said: “I’ve never been to a camp before….” But I guess I made a wrong choice.

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I arrived at Camp Geen Lake and I was introduced to Mr. Sir. When I first heared his name I laughed, but he looked angry at me  and I understood he takes his job very seriously. When I met Mr. Pendanski, a former doctor, he led me to the boys I sleep in the same tent with and gave me a quick tour. It wasn’t a big Camp, but there were enough people to be scared of.

 Mr. Pendanski took me back to the tent, handed me my belongings, and left. The only things I got were two ugly orange suits that I need to wear every day.

 When I was alone with the boys, they told me more about how horrible the camp was. They said how the boy that was here before me was digging a hole and saw a rattlesnake. The boys were told that he was attacked by it, but they knew that he actually tried to touch the snake to go to a hospital, get far away from the camp. That story scared me the most. The camp better not be this bad! I think I should get some sleep before Mr.

Pendanski gets back, tomorrow I will write more!Dear diary,I am sitting on my bed right now, writing about today. The other boys call me weird because  I do this but I really want to remember what everything was like, so I will now.Today was my second day at Camp Green Lake, and it was awful. Mr. Pendanski came to our tent and woke us up at 5 am but I couldn’t keep my eyes open. It was totally dark outside.

After eating the disgusting breakfast, they gave us our shovels. I thought they were all exactly the same, so I just randomly took one, but X-ray -the leader of our group- grabbed it from me. He thought it was the smallest shovel, which would mean he had to dig a smaller hole.When Mr. Pendanski explained to me what I had to do, I started digging. I didn’t known that this job was so onerous! But like everyone said, your first hole is the hardest.

  I was told to bring all the things I found during the time I was digging to Mr. Pendanski. I found a fossil with some little fish in it, so I brought it to Mr. Pendanski, but when I did that X-ray got really pissed at me because he wanted me to give it to him first so he would get the day off.

Nobody wanted the fossils but I thought they were special.Yesterday, the dinner was awful and I thought maybe  on the other days it would get better but tonight was worse. I don’t even know -or want to know- what was in it, it was completely brown.But now I gotta sleep says Mr. Pendanski.

I honestly hope the other days won’t be this bad!                                                                                    

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