Did 1809. He had a pretty rough childhood.

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  Did you know that Abraham attended to get women the right to vote in 1836? Did you know he was also the only president to have a patent? Abe was a very smart individual and would have been helpful if he was alive now. He was also a great president with a lot of accomplishments. Abe Lincoln had a rough childhood, a great presidency, and a tragic death.Abraham Lincoln was born into a poor family on February 12, 1809.

He had a pretty rough childhood. When he was only nine, his mom died and on top of that he moved several times. He had little education, but he worked on the farm he read as much as he could. When he was about 21, he packed up his stuff and moved to Illinois.

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When he was there, he volunteered to fight in the Black Hawk war when he was 23. As he had a rough childhood, he went to become one of the most known presidents in the United States of America.  It wasn’t an easy breeze for Abraham Lincoln to be president. He tried many times before he was elected as the 16th president on November 6, 1860. Shortly after Abraham Lincoln was elected, the North and the South broke into war called the Civil War.

While the war was going on Abe gave one of his speech that he was known for called the Gettysburg Address. After about five years of fighting, Abe led the North or the Union to defeat the South or the Confederates. Terrible things happened after of his accomplishments like his death.     As great as a president Abraham Lincoln was his life was ended shortly on his second term.

Abraham Lincoln was sitting the Ford’s Theater in Washington D.C. on April 14, 1865. A well-known stage factor, John Booth entered the presidential booth. He went up to Abraham Lincoln and shot him in the head. He was immediately rushed to a house across the street and died the next morning.

Abe had a great presidency when he died and was one of the best presidents ever. Abraham Lincoln really affected the country in a positive way. Even though Lincoln had a terrible death and a rough childhood he had a great presidency with many accomplishments. He started working on a farm for more than 10 year.

Then becoming the president of the United States with little education shows you how talented Lincoln was. Abraham Lincoln was a true American and president and will always have a place in our hearts.

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