Did but only 31 percent is recycled. Burning

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Last updated: February 16, 2019

Did you know that when garbage is buried it emits greenhouse gases for 100 years. Can you imagine all that pollution.

No wonder the Global warming is such a big problem. But what can we do to change this. Every resident  of the capital area in Iceland throws about 223 kilos of garbage every year, do you know how many kilos that is in the aggregate? That´s 43 millions of garbage, and that’s only for the capital area. I was watching the television last night when there was a documentary show about all the pollution in the world and I started wondering why is there so much pollution and so I ask again what can we do to change this problem? Yes we should all recycle.If we would all start recycling now, the economy would rise. How? Yes by recycling there will be need for new jobs, so if we would increase the recycling percentage up to 75% could the United States for example create 1.

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1 million new jobs. Unemployment in Iceland is always getting more and more so if Iceland would start recycling more all those who are unemployed could get a job.Do you know how we get rid of trash and plastic? We bury it in our landfills, burn it and throw it in our ocean, but only 31 percent is recycled.

Burning trash can be  dangerous and very unhealthy and burning plastic is even worse. The gas that comes from the burning plastic releases awful toxic smoke that contains dangerous chemicals that can be cancerous for example. Our air is not the only problem because water pollution is also getting worse. Water is the most important thing for the human body and the ocean surrounds 70% of the earth.

Humans dump average 14 billion pounds of plastic in the ocean every year. When we dump plastic in the ocean we are increasing the risk of dirty drinking water and if humans drink dirty water they can experience health problems for example stomach sickness and cancer. So we should all stop polluting our only life needs and start recycling.Global warming is one of the most serious and dangerous problem that the human is facing. This problem can easily be solved and everyone can help. For example if all humans would recycle.

Humans are producing so much of everything and we are wasting so much energy that can be used differently. For example if we would recycle one tiny steel can we can save energy to make a light bulb last for a day.  In one year we could save so much energy we could light up and heat 18 million houses instead of producing more steel. Recycling all paper would be a huge step also. When a ton of paper is recycled we save 17 trees to be cut down. Just in the US they use 85 million tons of paper each year and to produce that much paper they need to cut down 1 billion and 450 million trees. Trees have much impact on global warming because trees cool down the atmosphere and get rid of carbon dioxide from the air. Imagine all of the trees you could save if you would recycle.

These are just a few facts that what recycle can save and prevent. This should be a wake up call for everyone and we should all stop thinking about ourselves and start thinking about all life, not only humans but animals and nature too. Everyone should recycle.  

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