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Did the cases describe project works or operational activities? Use the project attributes discussed in class to decide whether a case is a project or operations. You can use bullet points to answer this question. Note that you only need three of the cases to complete this assignment. The cases describe Project works as it shows all attributes of a project rather than operational activities that is the management of the process which is usually routinely based nature. A project is a temporary endeavor which means it is time-bound; a project also possesses unique characteristics with a proposed deliverable.

In the case of “The Quantum Bank”, the project is defined (broad statement) and completed (temporary) not only at the production of the mobile banking application (Uniqueness of product) but making it available at customers for easy access and use (deliverable). Similarly the case of “Photstat Inc.”, study shows that there is a primary customer (presence of customer) base in-line with a progressive evaluation that shows effective planning by the use of historical data to generate market size, market share and growth rate all for the development of the new service; this provided an avenue for customers to order customized mouse pads over the internet, based on photographs (unique deliverables). Likewise in the case of “John Wiley & sons” shows attributes of a project by defining a broad statement of the unique deliverable through a development of a range of publication offerings in electronic format to its readers and doing so by the use of digital information technology. Although the project was outsourced, it thus has a sponsor (presence of a sponsor) and therefore requires facilities (resources) of benchmarking websites in terms of content, capability, and functionalities.  How do the cases in question above compare to the production of food products such as breakfast cereal? Support your argument with evidence.  The production of a food product is an operational activity because it involves management of a repetitive process of planning, managing and utilizing resources, execution and controlling before an actual deliverable (breakfast cereal) is archived; likewise, these cases which describe project work by portraying the attributes of a project.

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The two strategies are both performed by individuals, planned, executed, controlled and are designed to meet the organizational and strategic objectives. Vinai (2005) went so far as to assert that “Project requires project management skills, while operations require business process management skills or operations management. Projects and Operations will interact with each other at key points in a product’s lifecycle. Projects and operations are carried out by people, both require planning, management, and are both constrained by a fixed amount of budget, resources, and timelines”. Explain the concept of quasi project, Give an example. A quasi-project is defined as an ill-defined type of project that is very tough and demanding to conduct which often result in setting an artificial due date and budget, and then outlining project objectives to meet those limits (Meredith, Shafer, & Mantel, Jr, 2017, p. 3).

These kinds of projects are still regarded as legitimate projects where project management strategies can be put to use. The scope of the project, schedule and budget have been implied rather than carefully delineated by the basic project objectives (Jack & Samuel, 2012, p. 14-15). An example of this can be designing a website for an organization without details of content, cost and budgeting, deadlines and due dates; It is implied that the project manager researches on what the intended organization is into, size of the organization in terms of capability to finance the project to judge budget and other related variables to define the scope and objectives of the project under consideration.Similarly, a quasi-contract is also known as an “implied” contract but differs from a quasi-project in-that the former propels the unfairly enriched party to make compensation for the products or services received, even in the absence of a written contract. REFERENCES: Meredith, J. R.

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