Difference Between Organization as Structure and Process

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Last updated: April 22, 2019

The Differences Structure in an Organization or company defines clearly the various roles and functions.

Base on the needs and goals of the individual organization set out to achieve, members with specific skills and responsibilities, or human resources is distributed and structured to deliver their function to fulfill the needs of the organization, whereby their behaviors will be governed by set policies and procedures.Organization or company is required to develop, integrated business and administrative processes, putting in place strategic measures and controls to meet its corporate and business goals. These ‘organizational softwares’ when carefully developed and executed, will turn great performance by teams of executors through reward system put in place, thus achieve positive corporate performances ultimately. Hardware & Software of Organization Organization structure can be seemed as the organization ‘hardwares’ and processes in the organization is the ‘softwares’ of the organization.

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Success of any organization is measured by the output of its business processes rather than the effectiveness of its structure of the organization. Structural functions guide the organization business and administrative activities and processes. A successful process-driven organization through its carefully organized structure(s) and efficient management of labor, cost and exercises flexibility and monitoring of changes in the market place and environment, are well balanced to meet any challenges ahead.In the case of Healthway Corporation (Cengage Learning, 2009), elaborated how the company recognized the needs to restructuring, to diversify and grow its business in changing environment, underlining 5 core business processes that understood, acquired and served its customers better and created value for its corporation, a tale of good marriage between functionality of structural and processual organization. Interesting Marriage of Structure & Process A study of Structured/Processual Behavior Differences carried out (by Manuel C.

Dioquino, 2001) between Korean and Filipino culture and industries, provided me some insight to the Korean organization behavior. I found the research true in my case, serving a Korean organization. If I translate my understanding of Structure and process in this discussion, it would be, I am working in a Korean structured organization and an Americanized business process.

It is important to carefully marrying of the two, as the decision-making process between them are different, and often than not, the disagreement lies in the how we should undertake certain process or course of action, rather than the goals we are trying to achieve.

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