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Last updated: September 30, 2019

Direct democracy ensuresthe representation of the citizens in all governmental matters. This is a veryeffective type of the government where people can bring about all their worrieson governmental level and get them solved through voting. Direct democracy isopposite to representative democracy. It provides a sort of political ballot tothe public where they can put forward their all issues, thus providing themwith the opportunity to set an agenda and also to vote on the outcome. Thereare 3 distinct types of voting in this system which are referendums, citizeninitiatives and recalls.

This system of governinggives more power to the voters rather than the elected people. People againstthis system thinks that not the whole public have a sense of making policies.They are not fully aware of the rules and regulations involved. But here thosepeople should understand that full fledge knowledge is generally not requiredin policy making. Reliance can be made on some shortcuts or the cues and aperfect decision can be made according to that. If the decision still goeswrong then, for sure, it won’t be worse than that made by the so-calledrepresentative who works only for his own benefit. If we suppose that citizensdon’t know much about law formulation and etc.

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then direct democracy motivatesthem to get aware of the daily affairs, national and international relations that they can make and implement the right policies. As people know thattheir decisions are going to affect themselves so they go for getting moreknowledge on the subject and be aware fully before they make any decision.

Citizens better knownthemselves that what is good and bad for them and direct democracy thus providethem with the power to implement the laws and policies made by them. Oneexample for this is Switzerland where each and every decision is made through voting.Majority always wins there and the country is seen progressing day by day. Ifthe public is not able to make policies perfectly or make laws then how can acountry run and then progress under this system. So, people should clear uptheir minds and see the living example instead of making perceptions just ontheir own thoughts.

In a broader view basically,direct democracy keeps a check on the politicians and does not allow them tomake any decision that is not for the good of public. It stops them from makingpoor policies which are only good in their interests. Some people do argue thatDirect democracy is merely the instrument of those special interest groups thathave enough money to manipulate the political process. This is not the fact.It’s just a misconception of the people.

In fact, direct democracy is expectedto make the representatives and the politicians timid and in-effective as faras it is compared with any other governing system. The three distinct types ofvote considered in the system basically gives power to the people to pauseanything which is going against them and then reshape it in a way they like andwhich benefits them the most. Here people elected representative or somebodywith strong financial background is not going to be given any preference. Evenin this system Referenda can easilydevalue role of legislative bodies.

In Direct democracy thereis more government accountability. It puts more responsibility on the citizensthus providing more transparency. As people know that their opinions will alsobe considered so they participate more in the governmental issues and mattersthus bringing out more improvements in the states system.

Politicians andgovernment officials have more concerns toward the public problems, needs anddemands. But sometimes there are some worse cases seen from the public sideslike it is quoted “As the post-referendum survey in Ireland shows, one of thereasons people voted against the Lisbon Treaty was that some of them saw it asa good way to protest against the government’s policies (instead of a reasonone might expect – that they were against the treaty itself)”. So here there issome responsibility on the whole public too. They should not just go againstgovernment decision without holding any reason. Such behavior is going toaffect people at the most not the government.Apart from all the factsand figures it is also believed that direct democracy provides public with a satisfaction.

They feel themselves part of the government where their opinions and recommendationsreally matter to the government.Direct democracy bringspublic to a yes or no state. Either they can say yes to a policy or they cansimply deny that through voting. The voting is open for all not only to thosewho have strong financial backgrounds, there is no restriction to minority,race, feminism or any other thing of this sort. Oligarchy orrepresentative democracy is no way good than democracy.

I stand in favor to thedirect democracy rather than oligarchy or representative democracy. Thegovernment should be “of the people, for the people and by the people” insteadof being “off the people, far from the people and bye the people”. Switzerlandand Athens stand as an example for this system. Their progress rate and peacein the country clarify the all notions against this system. Now there does notremain any ambiguities. If this system was not good enough it must have beenabolished by now but we can see that people demand for this system for examplethe case of senator election can be seen in history where people clearly showedthat they need direct democracy implemented in the country.

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